Supporting Science Documents


A PDF of the original Athena proposal document submitted to ESA can be found at the Athena IRAP website, or here. While NewAthena represents a different mission concept, with rescoped science performance, its overall science objectives and payload configuration resamble those of the original Athena proposal. A paper describing the main scientific objectives of NewAthena is in the making, and will be uploaded on this web page after publication.

ATHENA White Papers

Below are links to a set of papers that were produced in support of the original Athena mission proposal, covering a wide range of science topics.

1) Supermassive Black Hole evolution, Aird et al.

2) Growth of SMBH with galaxies, Georgakakis et al.

3) Environment of SMBH, Dovciak et al.

4) AGN feedback, Cappi et al.

5) Missing baryons/WHIM, Kaastra et al.

6) Cluster evolution, Poinetcouteau et al.

7) Astrophysics of clusters, Ettori et al.

8) Feedback in clusters, Croston et al.

9) Extragalactic transients, Jonker et al.

10) Endpoints of stellar evolution, Motch et al.

11) Supernova remnants, Decourchelle et al.

12) Star formation and evolution, Sciortino et al.

13) Solar system and exoplantes, Branduardi-Raymont et al.