Here you can find some important documents that will be provided as part of the document package supplied to industry for the Assessment Phase. Please send comments to the Study Scientist.

1) An overview of the study logic 

2) Overall requirements (PDF)

3) Latest version of the Science Requirements (PDF) for the Level 0 to Level 2a and for the engineering Level 2 (b and c).

4) Concept of Operationintended as the primary design justification for the overall ATHENA mission architecture and is used  to derive and justify the allocation of requirements to the Technical Specifications of the Product Tree It provides an overview of how the mission may be operated

5) Mission Budgets Document that decomposes science requirements towards engineering requirements, and makes an initial breakdown (PDF)

6) Coordinate System Document (a draft version and we may want to specify different Reference Frames for the two instruments.)

7) A Technical Note on absolute time stamping with Athena

8) CDF Report (sensitive items such as the cost data have not been included)

9) General definitions 

Not all these versions of the documents are on the master ECLIPSE web site that is a password-protected site for the official Athena Science Team. There are other documents which are not linked to this page (e.g. launcher User Manual, and all the contractual items like Statements of Work). These are thought to be not interesting to the science team or of commercial sensitive nature.