The Cluster Science Archive (CSA) is the long-term archive for ESA's Cluster mission and became publicly available in November 2013. It is provided and maintained alongside ESA's other solar system science archives at ESAC, located near Madrid, Spain. The archive provides online access to high-quality, validated, high-resolution data from the Cluster instruments together with auxiliary and support data products (e.g. orbit information). In addition, the CSA provides value-added capabilities such as data visualization services and VO support.

The CSA supersedes the Cluster Active Archive (CAA) as the public interface to the Cluster mission archive since November 2014. The design is based on the CAA interface so the look, feel and capabilities will be familiar to users of its predecessor. The CSA services can be accessed either via its web-based Graphical User Interface or by using its Archive Inter-Operability interface (command line). Users of the CSA may notice references to the CAA in products and documentation that they download; this simply reflects the heritage of the system.

The Cluster Active Archive opened its services to the community in February 2006. Until one year post-mission the CAA will continue to be solely responsible for data validation & ingestion and interaction with the instrument teams including product specification and coordination of cross-calibration activities. The CAA will also retain responsibility for development of value added products, maintaining the Cluster data and metadata standards and provision of some mission operations services such as the instrument team access to the raw data.