How to Edit your CSA user details

To edit your Cluster Science Archive user details, please follow the instructions here (see also section: why update my profile?)

This update shall be performed in 3 steps:


Step 1: Login

Please enter your CSA username & password (hint: you can recover them here)


Step 2Click on your name

This will be in the same place as 'Sign In' in the screenshot above.


Step 3: Update your email and/or affiliation

Note that the email field is at the bottom of the form.


Why update my CSA user details?

Keeping your CSA user details up-to-date (e.g., email, affiliation) is important when using CSA. For instance, your email address is used by CSA in two cases:

1. Warn you if major issues are found to the data already delivered to you, including major calibration issues.

2. Make you aware of major new releases of CSA.