Data Tools


The IRAP CEFLIB library is a set of tools which efficiently read Cluster data in CEF format. Its main library is able to quickly load and parse a CEF file content. It also includes IDL, MATLAB and Python interfaces. An IDL CEFLIB API for Windows is also available (first version released 6 July 2017).


IRF Uppsala MATLAB toolbox

IRFU-matlab is a MATLAB routines for space scientists working with data from different missions.


TOPCAT - Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables

TOPCAT can be used to view CDF contents and TAP table details - brief instructions are on the main CSA user help pages.



Autoplot is an interactive browser for data, developed to allow quick and interactive browsing of CEF and CDF data and metadata files from the web or local files. 


CAA IDL CEF Read routines

An early development release of a generic Cluster Exchange Format (CEF) file reader for IDL 6.
Download software (v 2.5 20070822) ( ~1.5M )
Download updated component for reader (v 2.8 20080402) ( ~15K )
Documentation (also included in download package)
(release 2.5: 20 August 2007, Updated component v2.8 on 02 April 2008)


Beta release of a generic Cluster Exchange Format (CEF) file plotting tool for IDL 6.
Download software (v 20100824) ( ~1.2MB)
Documentation (also included in download package)
(release 1.4: 24 August 2010)

ECLAT Visualisation SOFTWARE

A software package in IDL to read and visualise the ECLAT SuperDARN and IMAGE FUV CEF files, see Documentation



Orbit Visualisation Tool (OVT), developed by IRF (Uppsala, Sweden), enables interactive 3D visualisation of satellite orbits in the terrestrial magnetosphere. All satellite orbits from NASA SSCweb can be plotted (e.g. MMS, THEMIS, Van allen probes...)


Queen Mary Software


Queen Mary Science Analysis System - a software package which provides a flexible, extendable environment for the selection, manipulation, and display of space physics data.


The Queen Mary File Translator - a translator between file formats used by QSAS. In particular, Qtran will convert between CDF files, Cluster Exchange Format (CEF) files as well as other flat ASCII files of a specified format.


Qunit allows comparison of different unit strings (in a specified format) to determine whether the units may be interconverted, and if so, the numerical conversion factor between them.


PI Team Software

CIS 3D moments software

The CIS Ground Moments Software allows the user to read the CIS level-3 files, available at the CAA (3D ion distribution functions in CEF-2 format), and interactively calculate partial or total moments of the ion distributions, for selected energy and solid angle ranges.
Download software (v 2.0) ( ~21MB )


CEF Metadata


CEFMDD is software for checking CEF (Cluster Exchange Format) files against the latest Meta Data Dictionary (MDD). You can use it to verify the CEF syntax and the metadata contents of  CEF files.