Web Client v2

v2.5.      CEF to CDF 3D conversion in Sparta fixed, QTran is replaced by the fixed version of Sparta. Inventory plots displays records over gaps, whose lines are thinner now.

v2.4       CEF to CDF conversion is done with Sparta. There is a change in FileSettings.Majority that is now Column (previously Row).

v2.3       Major upgrade of core CSA infrastructure; no more duplicated records in caveat file found for some datasets 
v2.2       On-demand inventory plots, mix of Cluster and DS key physical param, enabled, cross-cal plots updated
v2.1       Search and display of Double Star graphical plots and download of graphical products as PS/CEF/PNG.

Java Client v1

V1.4.9   CSA backend improved to allow massive inventory file ingestions
V1.4.8   Adapt all modules for sharing the backend with the csa-2.0.rc1 web release
V1.4.7   Update of import and ingest processes, improvement and corrections of graphical products generation
V1.4.6   Minor corrections to fix plot images not appearing
V1.4.5   Minor corrections to AIO to enable scripts to run properly
V1.4.4   Faster CSA server installed, CSACOOKIE to be regenerated  
V1.4.3   Updated command line website and minor bug fix
V1.4.2   Minor corrections including distribution function and bug fixes
V1.4.1   Minor bug fix on pregenerated inventory plot generation (e.g. RAPID daily plot)
V1.4      HTTP now not allowed, improvement of performance for dataset search queries
V1.3.5   Correction to server access which prevented GUI use for https
V1.3.4   Security updates (https, CSACOOKIE parameter)
V1.3.3   Slight GUI design update, major backend update
V1.3.2.  1h pregenerated graphical plots now available
V1.3.1    Measurement type update
V1.3.      Double Star data, redesign&update of search view, menus and user guide 
V1.2.1    New IDL script example on the command-line website; new security certificate.
V1.2.      Quicklook plots visualisation, improved usability (e.g. automatic loginmake a shortcut)
V1.1.7    Bug fixed on the generation of inventory information (command line).
V1.1.6.   Bug fixed to set back the 40 GB limit per request on asynchronous download
V1.1.5.   Bug fixed on the Distribution Function visualisation for CIS angle-angle plots
V1.1.4.   Distribution function visualisation now available
V1.1.3.  Multiline plots now available for selected graphical datasets 
V1.1.2   Dynamic asynchronous download area icon now mentioning the number of datsasets pushed
V1.1.1   New design of the graphical user interface
V1.1.     Data streaming | 24h&6h Pre-generated graphical plots | Inventory Plots | Data access time improved