GEOREFERENCED MAPS (Ganymede, Europa, Callisto)

Reference: Becker,T.L., Archinal, B., Colvin, T.R., Davies, M.E., Gitlin, A., Kirk, R.L., and Weller, L., 2001, Final digital global maps of Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto, in Lunar and Planetary Science Conference XXXII:Houston, Lunar and Planetary Institute, abs. no. 2009.

Geo-referenced maps are available here:


Display convention:

Latitudes: from -90 to+90 deg 

Longitudes: from 0 to 360 deg East

Maps centered at latitude 0 deg and longitude 180deg


For Ganymede, the map based on the publication by Kersten et all ['Controlled Global Ganymede Mosaic from Voyager and Galileo Images', Planetary and Space Sciences, 2021,] is also available here.