Task Group for satellites coordinate systems, cartography and nomenclature

The tasks of the group are:

  • to define appropriate reference systems for Galilean Satellites and promote their use by the JUICE teams; to support the realization of reference frames by various techniques;
  • to calculate new control point networks and controlled global mosaics for Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto as basis for the planning work;
  • to support the determination of rotational parameters;
  • to define the standards for the cartographic productd of the JUICE mission
  • to recommend naming for features of interest;
  • to communicate on behalf of the JUICE project with the appropriate channels (e.g. IAU, USGS, etc...).



Case for the use of a common coordinate system for the Jovian satellites within the JUICE project



September 2015: following the task group recommendation, the JUICE science working team decided to use planetocentric East coordinates for all planning and cartographic products of the Jovian satellites.

February 2018: Discussion about rotational parameters of Galilean satellites



Georeferenced maps for the 3 moons are available here