Checklist for the proposal


The proposal text must contain at least the following three items:

  • the scientific case;
  • the observation strategy;
  • a demonstration of the feasibility of the observations.

The proposal must be checked against the following questions:

  • If it is not concerning a re-confirmation of a multi-year proposal, is your science justification not more than 5 pages? If it concerns a re-confirmation of a multi-year proposal, is it not more than 2 pages? Is the font size not smaller than 10 points?

  • Is your science justification complete? Does it contain the mandatory three sections mentioned on top? Do you have a special justification if requesting more than 1 Ms?

  • Can your programme only be done with (new) INTEGRAL observations? Can't it be done using archival data?

  • Have you filled in the Observations Details Panel for all observations for every source?

  • If your observation has any scheduling constraints, have you marked it as Fixed Time, and have you provided the details in the PGT form also?

  • If you propose for a ToO, have you provided the trigger criteria (flux levels, energy range, instrument) and a strategy how to observe it (e.g., one observation using the total time, or several observations distributed over a period of specified time)?

  • If your proposal is for GRB data, have you supplied the trigger criteria and the time interval of the data you request?

  • If you are not using the standard rectangular (5x5) dither, have you justified the use of any other pattern?

  • Could your programme benefit from joint INTEGRAL/XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL-NuSTAR, and/or INTEGRAL/Swift observations, respectively? If so, have you selected one of them from the drop-down list in the Proposal Details panel in PGT?

  • In case you want to submit a multi-year proposal, have you checked the appropriate box in PGT? Did you fill in the observation times for this AO and the next AO?

  • Submit a re-confirmation proposal if you want to seek TAC approval of your multi-year observation for the second year.

  • If you want to obtain data rights on certain sources in the FOV, did you list the sources in the PGT form?

  • If you want your data to become public immediately, did you renounce the data rights in PGT?

  • Remember that proposals for observing nearby SNe are not accepted.

  • Have you checked the latest news on the ISOC web page (

  • Have you read the entire AO documentation package and are you aware of the most recent updates to it?