INTEGRAL Scientific Publications - Pre-Prints

INTEGRAL-related papers published on-line during the past 6 months, sorted chronologically (latest entry first).

Author Title arXiv Reference
  February 2024  
Ibrahim et al. An X-ray and radio view of the 2022 reactivation of the magnetar SGRJ1935+2154
Landi et al. The challenge of identifying INTEGRAL sources on the Galactic plane
Minaev et al. GRB 231115A -- a magnetar giant flare in the M82 galaxy arxiv:2402.08623
  January 2024  
Fortin et al. A catalogue of low-mass X-ray binaries in the Galaxy: from the INTEGRAL to the Gaia era. arXiv:2401.11931
Diehl et al. Tracing the ejecta from cosmic nucleosynthesis arXiv:2401.11474
Eby et al. Diffuse Axion Background arXiv:2402.00100v1
Ricardo Crupi (PhD thesis) Deep Learning for Gamma-Ray Bursts: A data driven event framework for X/Gamma-Ray analysis in space telescopes arXiv:2401.15632
  December 2023  
Mereghetti et al. A magnetar giant flare in the nearby starburst galaxy M82 arXiv:2312.14645
De la Torre Luque et al. New 511 keV line data provides strongest sub-GeV dark matter constraints arxiv:2312.04907
Chandra Discovery of torque reversal in the Be/X-ray binary pulsar GX 304-1 arXiv:2311.13303
Wang et al. Study the origin of GRB 231115A, short gamma-ray burst or magnetar giant flare? arxiv:2312.02848
  November 2023  
Trigg et al. GRB 180128A: A Second Magnetar Giant Flare Candidate from the Sculptor Galaxy arXiv:2311.09362
  October 2023  
Karwin et al. Probing the Galactic Diffuse Continuum Emission with COSI arXiv:2310.12206
Fabian et al. Discovery of a variable energy-dependent X-ray polarization in the
accreting neutron star GX 5−1
Thomas Siegert Time-variable diffuse γ-ray foreground arXiv:2310.08135
  September 2023  
Mereminskiy et al. Hard X-rays and QPO in Swift J1727.8-1613: the rise and plateau of the 2023 outburst arxiv:2310.06697
Tamang, R. et al. Long-term evolution of Cyclotron Line energy in an eclipsing pulsar 4U 1538-522 arxiv:2309.17013
Koechler, J. X-rays constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter arxiv:2309.10043
  August 2023  
E. Greco et al. Jitter radiation as an alternative mechanism for the nonthermal X-ray emission of Cassiopeia A  arXiv:2308.15956
G. Facchinetti 21cm signal sensitivity to dark matter decay arxiv:2308.16656
  July 2023  
J.A.P. Law-Smith Astrophysical Constraints on Decaying Dark Gravitons arxiv:2307.11048
S. Mereghetti XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL observations of the bright GRB 230307A: vanishing of the local absorption and limits on the dust in the Magellanic Bridge arxiv:2307.13514
P. De la Torre Luque Multimessenger search for electrophilic feebly interacting particles from supernovae arxiv:2307.13731
C.V. Cappiello The Morphology of Exciting Dark Matter and the Galactic 511 keV Signal arxiv:2307.15114
  June 2023  
A.V. Plavin et al. Hard X-ray emission from blazars associated with high-energy neutrinos  arXiv:2306.00960
  May 2023  
M. Trudu et al. Simultaneous and panchromatic observations of the Fast Radio Burst FRB 20180916B  arXiv:2305.18628
V. Sguera et al. XTE J1906+090: a persistent low luminosity Be X-ray Binary  arXiv:2305.06689
  April 2023  
A. Salganik et al. RX J0440.9+4431: another supercritical X-ray pulsar  arXiv:2304.14881
  March 2023  
J. Rodi & P. Ubertini Soft Gamma-Ray Spectral and Time evolution of the GRB 221009A: prompt and afterglow emission with INTEGRAL/IBIS-PICsIT  arXiv:2303.16943
E. Moore et al. Constraints on the baryonic load of gamma-ray bursts using ultra-high energy cosmic rays  arXiv:2303.13781
  February 2023  
M. Cirelli et al. Putting all the X in one basket: Updated X-ray constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter  arXiv:2303.08854
A. Addis et al. The AFISS web platform for the correlation of high-energy transient events  arXiv:2302.07876
R. Krivonos Search for Nonthermal X-ray Emission in the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster  arXiv:2302.00989