INTEGRAL Scientific Publications - Pre-Prints

INTEGRAL-related papers published on-line during the past 6 months, sorted chronologically (latest entry first).



Author Title arXiv Reference
  May 2022  
M. Caixach et al. Search for gamma-ray emission from a galactic supernova with the anticoincidence system of SPI  arXiv:2205.04228
C. Ferrigno et al. XMM-Newton and Swift observations of supergiant high mass X-ray binaries  arXiv:2205.03023
  April 2022  
B. Patricelli et al. Prospects for multi-messenger detection of binary neutron star mergers in the fourth LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA observing run  arXiv:2204.12504
C. Keith et al. The Sensitivity of Future Gamma-Ray Telescopes to Primordial Black Holes  arXiv:2204.05337
G. Lucchetta et al. Introducing the MeVCube concept: a CubeSat for MeV observations  arXiv:2204.01325
A. Vasini et al. Chemical evolution of 26Al and 60Fe in the Milky Way  arXiv:2204.00510
  March 2022  
M. Jelínek et al. GRB 190919B: Rapid optical rise explained as a flaring activity  arXiv:2203.11059
G. Bruni et al. IGR J18249-3243: a new GeV-emitting FR II and the emerging population of high energy radio galaxies  arXiv:2203.01450
  February 2022  
C. Fusaro et al. Interface between the long-term propagation and the destructive re-entry phases exploiting the overshoot boundary  arXiv:2202.12898
J. Berteaud et al. Strong constraints on primordial black hole dark matter from 16 years of INTEGRAL/SPI observations  arXiv:2202.07483
T. Siegert et al. Diffuse Galactic emission spectrum between 0.5 and 8.0 MeV  arXiv:2202.04574
  January 2022  
S. Mereghetti INTEGRAL contributions to magnetars and multimessenger astrophysics  arXiv:2201.12310
B. Biltzinger et al. Improving INTEGRAL/SPI data analysis of GRBs  arXiv:2201.10310
  December 2021  
V.A. Lepingwell et al. New approaches for faint source detection in hard X-ray surveys  arXiv:2112.12611
F. Calore et al. 511 keV line constraints on feebly interacting particles from supernovae  arXiv:2112.08382
A.A. Zdziarski et al. Insight-HXMT, NuSTAR and INTEGRAL Data Show Disk Truncation in the Hard State of the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070  arXiv:2112.08116
D. Gotz et al. INTEGRAL Results on Gamma-Ray Bursts and Polarization of Hard X-ray Sources  arXiv:2112.07644
S.-C. Leung & T. Siegert Gamma-Ray Light Curves and Spectra of Classical Novae  arXiv:2112.06893
D.J. D'Orazio et al. Multi-Messenger Constraints on Magnetic Fields in Merging Black Hole-Neutron Star Binaries  arXiv:2112.01979