INTEGRAL Scientific Publications - Pre-Prints

INTEGRAL-related papers published on-line during the past 6 months, sorted chronologically (latest entry first).


Author Title arXiv Reference
  February 2021  
F. Onori et al. Multi-wavelength observations of the Galactic X-ray binaries IGR J20155+3827 and Swift J1713.4-4219  arXiv:2102.01638
  January 2021  
J. Rodi et al. A broadband view on microquasar MAXI J1820+070 during the 2018 outburst  arXiv:2101.10767
R.A. Krivonos et al. 15 years of Galactic surveys and hard X-ray Background measurements  arXiv:2101.09052
J.-F. Fortin et al. Magnetars and Axion-like Particles: Probes with the Hard X-ray Spectrum  arXiv:2101.05302
J. Isern et al. Synthesis of radioactive elements in novae and supernovae and their use as a diagnostic tool  arXiv:2101.02738
  December 2020  
L. Titarchuk & E. Seifina Detection of a High-Temperature Blackbody Hump in Black Hole Spectra. The strongly redshifted annihilation line  arXiv:2012.10645
  November 2020  
C. Ferrigno et al. Multi-messenger astronomy with INTEGRAL  arXiv:2011.12124
R. Krivonos et al. NuSTAR measurement of the cosmic X-ray background in the 3-20 keV energy band  arXiv:2011.11469
P.E. Stecchini et al. On the behavior of the black hole candidate 1E 1740.7-2942's corona based on long-term INTEGRAL database  arXiv:2011.09305
F. Cangemi et al. INTEGRAL discovery of a high-energy tail in the microquasar Cygnus X-3  arXiv:2011.06863
R. Diehl et al. Steady-state nucleosynthesis throughout the Galaxy  arXiv:2011.06369
  October 2020  
R.H.D. Corbet et al. Superorbital Modulation in the High-Mass X-ray Binary 4U 1538-52, and Possible Modulation in IGR J16393-4643  arXiv:2010.12556
M. Szanecki et al. Relativistic reflection in NGC 4151  arXiv:2010.08358
C. Bœhm et al. Scalar Dark Matter Candidates -- Revisited  arXiv:2010.02954
  September 2020  
P. Kretschmar et al. Advances in Understanding High-Mass X-ray Binaries with INTEGRAL and Future Directions  arXiv:2009.03244
A. Malizia et al. INTEGRAL view of AGN  arXiv:2009.03232
  August 2020  
A. Lutovinov et al. INTEGRAL view on Cataclysmic Variables and Symbiotic Binaries  arXiv:2008.10665
M. Cruces et al. Repeating behaviour of FRB 121102: periodicity, waiting times and energy distribution  arXiv:2008.03461