INTEGRAL Scientific Publications - Pre-Prints

INTEGRAL-related papers published on-line during the past 6 months, sorted chronologically (latest entry first).



Author Title arXiv Reference
  September 2021  
T. Siegert et al. Reticulum II: Particle Dark Matter and Primordial Black Holes Limits  arXiv:2109.03791
T. Siegert et al. Measuring the smearing of the Galactic 511 keV signal: positron propagation or supernova kicks?  arXiv:2109.03691
E.U. Iyida et al. Investigating possible unification of Seyfert galaxies and blazars in Fermi-LAT sample  arXiv:2109.01759
  August 2021  
W.B. Iwakiri et al. Discovery of a strong 6.6 keV emission feature from EXO 1745-248 after the superburst in 2011 October  arXiv:2108.13568
A.A. Zdziarski et al. Jet Parameters in the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070  arXiv:2108.10929
M. Molina et al. Investigating the true nature of three hard X-ray sources  arXiv:2108.08039
D. Kostunin et al. Observation of burst activity from SGR1935+2154 associated to first galactic FRB with H.E.S.S.  arXiv:2108.03404
G. Lucchetta MeVCube: a CubeSat for MeV astronomy  arXiv:2108.03307
A. Gokus et al. Multi-wavelength study of Mrk 421 during a TeV flare  arXiv:2108.02085
  July 2021  
N. Uchida et al. A study of the accretion mechanisms of the High Mass X-ray Binary IGR J00370+6122  arXiv:2107.12633
E.U. Iyida et al. On the Unified View of Extragalactic Sources based on their Broadband Emission Properties  arXiv:2107.11997
I.A. Mereminskiy et al. Peculiar X-ray transient SRGA J043520.9+552226/AT2019wey discovered with SRG/ART-XC  arXiv:2107.05588
F. Calore et al. Supernova bounds on axion-like particles coupled with nucleons and electrons  arXiv:2107.02186
  June 2021  
E. Kuulkers et al. INTEGRAL reloaded: spacecraft, instruments and ground system  arXiv:2106.12446
  May 2021  
S.E. Motta et al. The INTEGRAL view on Black Hole X-ray Binaries  arXiv:2105.05547
A. Malizia et al. INTEGRAL View of TeV Sources: A Legacy for the CTA Project  arXiv:2105.00983
  April 2021  
J. Hare et al. Chandra, NuSTAR, and Optical Observations of the Cataclysmic Variables IGR J17528-2022 and IGR J20063+3641  arXiv:2104.10503
J.A. Tomsick et al. Using Chandra Localizations and Gaia Distances and Proper Motions to Classify Hard X-ray Sources Discovered by INTEGRAL  arXiv:2104.09646
M. Falanga et al. Phase-resolved hard X-ray emission of the high-mass binary LS 5039: a spectral hardening above 50 keV detected with INTEGRAL  arXiv:2104.07711
M. Türler et al. INTEGRAL serendipitous observations of solar and terrestrial X-rays and gamma rays  arXiv:2104.06073
T. Chattopadhyay Hard X-ray Polarimetry -- An overview of the method, science drivers and recent findings  arXiv:2104.05244
A.A. Zdziarski et al. Hybrid Comptonization and Electron-Positron Pair Production in the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070  arXiv:2104.04316
T. Siegert et al. Nucleosynthesis constraints through gamma-ray line measurements from classical novae  arXiv:2104.00363