INTEGRAL Scientific Publications - Pre-Prints

INTEGRAL-related papers published on-line during the past 6 months, sorted chronologically (latest entry first).



Author Title arXiv Reference
  November 2022  
S. Fischer et al. Twenty years of Dark Matter searches with INTEGRAL/SPI  arXiv:2211.06200
  September 2022  
G. Mastroserio et al. NuSTAR spectral analysis beyond 79 keV with stray light  arXiv:2209.14325
H. Abe et al. Gamma-ray observations of MAXI J1820+070 during the 2018 outburst  arXiv:2209.09785
F. Calore et al. Constraints on light decaying dark matter candidates from 16 years of INTEGRAL/SPI observations  arXiv:2209.06299
J.F. Acevedo et al. Diffuse X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Limits on Boson Stars that Interact with Nuclei  arXiv:2209.00017
  August 2022  
A. Kumar et al. Extending the energy range of AstroSat-CZTI up to 380 keV with Compton Spectroscopy  arXiv:2208.11476
D. Malyshev et al. Search for primordial black hole dark matter with X-ray spectroscopic and imaging satellite experiments and prospects for future satellite mission  arXiv:2208.05705
  July 2022  
A.A. Zdziarski & E. Egron What are the Composition and Power of the Jet in Cyg X-1?  arXiv:2207.07864
S.R. Ehlert et al. Limits on X-ray Polarization at the Core of Centaurus A as Observed with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer  arXiv:2207.06625
  June 2022  
F. Panessa et al. Hard-X-ray-selected Active Galactic Nuclei -- II. Spectral Energy Distributions in the 5-45 GHz domain  arXiv:2206.10424
R.P. Fender et al. Comprehensive coverage of particle acceleration and kinetic feedback from the stellar mass black hole V404 Cygni  arXiv:2206.09831
M. Arabaci et al. Multiwavelength observations of MAXI J1820+070 during its outburst decay and subsequent mini-outburst  arXiv:2206.02461
  May 2022  
T. Muñoz-Darias & G. Ponti Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy of V404 Cygni supports the multi-phase nature of X-ray binary accretion disc winds  arXiv:2205.14162
M. Caixach et al. Search for gamma-ray emission from a galactic supernova with the anticoincidence system of SPI  arXiv:2205.04228
C. Ferrigno et al. XMM-Newton and Swift observations of supergiant high mass X-ray binaries  arXiv:2205.03023