juice calendar


Date Location Event
11-12 March 2020 ESTEC

PI day #17 and Science Working Team #15

DHAWG#1, and WG4 meeting.

18-19 June 2020 Airbus Germany PI day #18
3-4 November 2020 ESTEC PI day #19 and Science Working Team #16



May 2012: Mission selection

February 2013: Payload selection

November 2014: Mission adoption

July 2015: Prime industrial contractor selection

Mars 2016: Mission and System Requirements Review completed

March 2017: Spacecraft Preliminary Design Review completed

June 2017: Instrument Preliminary Design Reviews completed

September 2017: Start of the Instrument Critical Design Reviews

December 2017: Ground Segment Requirements Review completed

May 2018: Thermal tests with the Thermal Development Model completed

September 2018: First Instruments (J-MAG and UVS) Engineering Models delivered to Industry

December 2018: Ground Segment Design Review completed

March 2019: Spacecraft Critical Design Review completed

April 2019: Science Ground Segment Design Review completed

September 2019: Start of the assembly of the spacecraft flight model

November 2019: Instrument Critical Design Reviews completed

February 2020: First instrument (UVS) delivered