47th ESLAB Symposium: The Universe as seen by Planck
2 - 5 April 2013, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands 
updated 19 Mar. 2013 
DAY 1 - TUESDAY, APRIL 2 2013 
8:00  Registration opens    
9:00  Session 1 (Plenary): Introduction to Planck and its products  Chairs: Texier, Lilje 
9:00  1st Part    
9:00  ESA introduction  Giménez
9:15  LFI introduction  Mandolesi 
9:20  HFI introduction  Puget 
9:25  Overview of Planck mission & products  Tauber 
9:55  Overview of LFI & HFI freq. map generation and their characteristics  Zacchei 
10:25  Planck non-CMB component separation  Ashown 
10:45  Component separation 25  Baccigalupi 
11:05  Coffee break    
11:40  2nd Part    
11:40  Consistency of Planck data  Lawrence 
12:00  Planck polarization at small angular scales  Tristram 
12:20  CMB polarization from Planck: status, consistency and prospects  Natoli 
12:40  Planck likelihood & power spectrum estimation  Prunet 
13:00  End of session    
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Session 2 (Plenary): Main Cosmology results  Chairs: Martinez-Gonzalez, Finelli  
14:00  1st Part    
14:00  Cosmological parameters from Planck and other experiments  Efstathiou 
14:40  Constraints on inflation, strings, and exotic models  Bouchet 
15:20  Planck constrains on Isotropy & Geometry  Górski 
15:40  f_nl, Statistics with Planck  Matarrese 
16:00  Coffee break    
16:30  2nd Part    
16:30  Lensing and ISW results from Planck  Benabed 
16:50  The CMB lensed by star-forming galaxies  Doré 
17:10  Keynote talk: "The CMB in perspective"  Peebles 
18:00  End of session    
18:00  Welcome cocktail    
8:00  Registration opens    
9:00  Session 3 (Plenary): Cosmology and Astrophysics  Chairs: Rubino-Martin, Helou  
9:00  1st Part    
9:00  Measuring the Cosmic Distance Scale with SDSS-III  Eisenstein 
9:30  The X-ray view of Planck SZ clusters  Arnaud 
9:50  Cosmological constraints from Planck SZ clusters  Douspis 
10:10  All-sky Planck Compton Parameter Map and Cosmological interpretation  Macías-Pérez 
10:30  Surveys of the Cosmic Infrared Background with Planck  Lagache 
10:50  Coffee break    
11:15  2nd Part    
11:15  High-redshift starburst galaxies revealed by SPT, ALMA, and gravitational lensing  Vieira 
11:45  Cosmology with supernovae  Pain 
12:15  PCCS: The Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources  González-Nuevo 
12:40  Synergies between Planck and Herschel on extragalactic point sources  De Zotti 
13:00  End of session    
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Session 4 (Plenary): Main Astrophysical results   Chairs: Dickinson, Ensslin 
14:00  1st Part    
14:00  Diffuse low-frequency galactic components  Davies 
14:25  Galactic dust observed by Planck  Miville-Deschenes 
14:50  Planck observations of dust polarisation  Boulanger 
15:15  The Planck Sky Model  Delabrouille 
15:35  Coffee break    
16:05  2nd Part    
16:05  Planck's impact on interstellar medium science: how the Milky Way ticks  Martin 
16:35  The CMB, new neutrino physics, and primordial nucleosynthesis: a Perfect Storm  Fuller 
17:05  Keynote talk: "Fundamental physics and Formation of the Universe"  Linde 
17:45  End of session    
17:45  Break    
18:15  Session 5 (Plenary): "Public" session  Chair: Longair 
18:15  Introduction  Longair  
18:20  The importance of Studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background for Cosmology  Partridge 
18:35  Planck's contribution to cosmology  Rocha 
18:50  Questions & answers from the audience and/or via twitter  Moderator 
19:15  End of session    
Presentations in ROOM 1 
9:00  Session 6 (Parallel): CMB cosmology & fundamental physics  Chairs: Kurki-Suonio, Eriksen, Dunkley, Gratton  
9:00  1st Part    
9:00  How much can we learn about fundamental physics from cosmology?  Mukhanov 
9:25  Non-Gaussianities after Planck  Zaldarriaga 
9:50  Planck Results on the CMB Bispectrum  Wandelt 
10:05  Parametric ("fNL") and Non-Parametric ("blind") Bispectrum Results from Planck  Van Tent 
10:20  Modal Bispectrum Estimation with Planck Data  Liguori 
10:35  General Formula for the Running of fNL  Byrnes 
10:50  Non-Gaussianity from Modulations of the Shock-in-Times of Post-inflation Preheating  Bond 
11:05  Coffee break    
11:30  2nd Part    
11:30  CMB Optimal Constraints on Non-Guassianity in Isocurvature Perturbations  Sekiguchi 
11:45  Non-Gaussianity and the Adiabatic Limit  Meyers 
12:00  Chaotic inflation and Model Building  Linde 
12:15  Searching for Features in the Primordial Power Spectrum  Bucher 
12:30  New Insights in Hybrid Inflation  Clesse 
12:45  Particle Physics Models of Inflation and Curvaton Scenarios  Mazumdar 
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Poster session    
15:00  3rd Part    
15:00  After Planck: The Road to Observing 17 e-Folds of Inflation  Khatri 
15:15  Beyond the standard paradigm: Searches for cosmic defects & non-Gaussian inflation  Shellard 
15:30  Topological Defects after Planck  Kunz 
15:45  Isotropy of Planck Map in Bipolar Spherical Harmonic (BipoSH) Representation: Modulations and Systematics  Souradeep 
16:00  Coffee break    
16:30  4th Part    
16:30  Bayesian Evidence of Bianchi VIIh Cosmologies from WMAP and Planck  McEwen 
16:45  Low-l Phase Correlations in the Planck CMB Data  Raeth 
17:00  Hemispherical Power Asymmetry in the Planck Data  K. Mikkelsen 
17:15  PLANCK CMB Lensing Reconstruction on Foregrounds Cleaned Maps   Perotto 
17:30  Constraining Neutrino Physics with Planck  Melchiorri 
17:45  Is there Evidence for Additional Neutrino Species from Cosmology?  Feeney 
18:00  Planck Constraints on General Primordial Isocurvature Perturbations and Curvaton Mode  Valiviita 
18:15  End of session    
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9:00  Session 7 (Parellel): Galactic science  Chairs: Banday, Falgarone 
9:00  1st Part    
9:00  S-PASS and Giant Magnetised Outflows from the Centre of the Milky Way  Carretti 
9:20  A View on Galactic Polarization, from 150 MHz to 2.4 GHz  Bernardi 
9:35  The Angular Power Spectrum of the Galactic Synchrotron Background   Sarkar 
9:50  Diffuse Galactic Components in the Gould Belt System  Bonaldi 
10:05  Dust Emission at Millimetre Wavelengths in the Galactic Plane  Alves 
10:20  Galactic CO Emission as seen by Planck  Combet 
10:40  Planck Polarization of Thermal Dust Emission at 353 GHz: Comparison of the Degree and position angle with Optical Interstellar Polarization  Guillet 
10:55  Coffee break    
11:25  2nd Part    
11:25  The Planck dust polarization sky  Bernard 
11:40  Intensity and Polarization of Galactic Dust Emission in the Planck Bands   Hensley 
11:55  A Study of Anomalous Microwave Emission in Galactic Clouds with Planck   Dickinson 
12:10  Measurements of the Polarization of the Anomalous Microwave Emission with the QUIJOTE Experiment   Genova-Santos 
12:25  Anomalous Microwave Emission in the New Era of Planck Satellite: Improved Model of Spinning Dust Emission and Polarization  Hoang 
12:40  Zodiacal Emission from Planck  Ganga 
13:00  End of session    
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Poster session    
15:00  Session 8 (Parallel): Extragalactic science  Chairs: Rowan-Robinson, Dole 
15:00  1st Part    
15:00  Occupy Dark Matter: Uncovering the Properties of high-z Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies with Statistical Techniques  Viero 
15:25  The Physical Nature of Distant, Bright, Lensed sub-mm Galaxies in Planck ERCSC  Cooray 
15:50  The Andromeda Galaxy as seen by Planck  Peel 
16:00  Coffee break    
16:35  The Herschel-ATLAS and the Connection to Planck  Eales 
16:50  The intricate Life of Infrared Galaxies and Dark Matter Halos  Bethermin 
17:05  The role of Planck in Understanding Galaxy Cluster Radio Halos  Basu 
17:20  Multi-frequency/multi-temporal observations of blazars  Giommi 
17:45  The local Luminosity Function of Star-Forming Galaxies derived from the Planck Early Release Compact Source Catalogue  Negrello 
18:00  Dust and Star-Formation Properties of a complete Sample of local Galaxies drawn from the Planck ERCSC  Clemens 
18:15  End of session    
Presentations in ROOM 3 
9:00  Session 9 (Parallel): Data processing  Chair: Couchot 
9:00  Single session    
9:00  Massive Monte Carlos For CMB Data Analysis - The Planck Full Focal Plane Simulations  Borrill 
9:15  LFI Map-Making  Suur-Uski 
9:30  Planck HFI Calibration and Map-Making  Perdereau 
9:45  Non parametric approaches to CMB cleaning  Cardoso 
10:00  Planck component separation with Commander  Wehus 
10:15  Consistency study of Planck data using cosmological parameters  Polenta 
10:30  Component separation for CMB polarization in the light of the polarized dust angular power spectra measured by Planck-HFI  Aumont 
10:45  End of session    
10:45  Coffee break  Break 
11:15  Session 10 (Parallel): Experimental aspects  Chair: Mennella 
11:15  Single session    
11:15  ALMA Polarisation Observations and Planck Follow-Ups  Andreani 
11:30  QUBIC: The QU Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology  Hamilton 
11:45  Spider: Probing Inflation with a Balloon Borne Polarimetric Survey of the Southern Sky  Jones 
12:00  The POLARBEAR CMB Polarization Experiment  Lee 
12:15  LiteBIRD - A Future Satellite for the Studies of B-Mode Polarization and Inflation from Cosmic Background Radiation Detection  Hazumi 
12:30  The Large Scale Polarization Explorer (LSPE) Expected Performance  Piacentini 
12:45  QUIJOTE: a CMB polarization experiment   Rebolo 
13:00  End of session    
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Poster session    
15:00  Session 11 (Parallel): Clusters  Chairs: White, Arnaud 
15:00  1st Part    
15:00  The Atacama Cosmology Telescope Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Galaxy Cluster Survey   Marriage 
15:20  The South Pole Telescope Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SPT-SZ) Cluster Survey   Benson 
15:35  Cosmology with the APEX-SZ Cluster Sample   Pacaud 
15:50  Detection of Diffuse SZ with Planck : Implications for Cosmology and Galaxy Cluster Physics   Comis 
16:05  Coffee break    
16:35  2nd Part    
16:35  Towards precise measurement of the low-redshift mass function of galaxy clusters from X-ray surveys   Vikhlinin 
16:55  The X-Ray/SZ View of the Virial Region   Eckert 
17:10  Constraints on peculiar velocities  Hernandez-Monteagudo 
17:25  Candidate Dusty Galaxy Clusters from Planck and Herschel   Clements 
17:40  Simulations of Galaxy Clusters   Nagai 
18:00  Unveiling the Complex Physical Processes of the Intracluster medium with Sunyaev-Z'eldovich Observations of Galaxy Clusters  Battaglia 
18:15  End of session    
19:00   Conference dinner    
DAY 4 - FRIDAY, APRIL 5 2013 
9:00  Session 12 (Plenary): Complementarity of Planck with other experiments  Chairs: Lasenby, Murphy 
9:00  1st Part 
9:00  Final Results from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe  Hinshaw 
9:30  Planck and Wide-field Galaxy Surveys  White 
9:55  Inevitable CMB spectral distortions and black body photosphere of the Universe  Sunyaev 
10:20  Planck, Fermi and the dark gas   Grenier 
10:45  Coffee break    
11:15  2nd Part    
11:15  Planch and Herschel  Montier 
11:40  The ESA Euclid mission  Mellier 
12:10  Technical lessons learned from Planck for future space experiments  Lamarre 
12:30  The Cosmic Origins Explorer (CoRe): A Next Generation CMB Space Mission  de Bernardis 
13:00  End of session    
13:00  Lunch    
14:00  Start of plenary session: Wrap-up and conclusions  Chair: Norgaaard-Nielsen  
14:00  Single session    
14:00  Keynote talk: WMAP, Planck and the future of experimental cosmology  Page 
14:40  Questions to be tackled by Planck with the next release  Bersanelli 
15:10  Panel discussion: Implications of Planck results on current cosmology (conference wrap-up). Participants: R. Bond, J. Carlstrom (TBC), W. Freedman, S. Mukhanov, M. Rees.  Moderator: Efstathiou 
16:10  HFI Conference wrap-up and conclusion  Puget 
16:15  LFI Conference wrap-up and conclusion  Mandolesi 
16:20  ESA Conference wrap-up and conclusion   Tauber 
16:25  End of plenary session: Wrap-up and conclusions    
16:25  End of conference