Planck IDIS Document Numbering Tool (RSSD version)

-------------------- INDEX --------------------
IDIS-SSD-1      Dcoument Policy
IDIS-ssd-2      WPbreakdown
IDIS-SSD-3      Dcoument Procudures
IDIS-SSD-4      Data Managemnt Component Approach
IDIS-SSD-5      Prototype for FINDAS excercise
IDIS-SSD-6      Using Rose within IDIS environment
IDIS-SSD-7      Comments on SILOGIC Logical View Report
IDIS-SSD-8      Distribututed database for data processing.
IDIS-SSD-9      Planck IDIS Components in Use.
IDIS-SSD-10     Object Orientated Language Programming Guidelines.
IDIS-SSD-11     Healpix Map Convolution - Gio + wil
IDIS-SSD-12     TOD retrieval plan - wil
IDIS-SSD-13     Going Native - wil
IDIS-SSD-14     DMC working meeting - wil
IDIS-SSD-15     Getting Started With Livelink - Adam
IDIS-SSD-16     Planck IDIS Common Software Repository Status - Adam
IDIS-SSD-17     Planck Proposal Handling System Description Document - Adam
IDIS-SSD-18     Test framework for the IDIS DMCI - Gio
IDIS-SSD-19     The First Version of the DMC (PL-COM-RSSD-RP-019) - Gio
IDIS-SSD-20	Planck Source Code Repository Structure and Naming Conventions - Kevin P
PL-COM-SSD-TN-21       Document Sign-Off Workflow - Kevin B
IDIS-SSD-21	Short report on tests of DMC im/export package - Gio
IDIS-SSD-22 	Mantis Policy Document - Gio
IDIS-SSD-23	Short report on tests of Java Wrapper - Old version - Gio
PL-COM-SSD-TN-24	DMC Development Position Note - Adam
PL-COM-SSD-AD-26	Planck Software Release Repository Architecture - Kevin P
IDIS-SSD-27	Overview of the work that has been done for IDIS development - Martin
PL-COM-SSD-TN-28	Prototype Design for the IDIS Federation Layer - Kevin P
PL-COM-SSD-CER-29	Planck IDIS Problem report tool CER - Gio
PL-COM-SSD-CER-30	Possibly the new DMC URD/SRD - Gio
PL-COM-SSD-TN-31	Planck Object Linking within the IDIS Federation Layer - Martin
PL-COM-SSD-TN-32	Implementation of Privilege Levels in the Federation Layer - Kevin P
PL-COM-SSD-TN-33     Review of CVS ACL extension patch - Kevin P
PL-COM-SSD-UR-34     Planck IDIS Federation Layer User Requirements DOcument - A. Hazell, K. Bennett, K. Phipps, M. Bremer, G. Giardino
PL-COM-SSD-AD-35     Planck IDIS Architectural Design Document - A. Hazell, M. Bremer
PL-COM-SSD-DC-36     IDIS Baseline Requirements Review for DMC URD - G. Giardin, J. Sternberg
PL-COM-SSD-AD-37     Planck IDIS Software Component Architectural Design Document - K. Phipps
PL-COM-SSD-AD-38     Planck IDIS Federation Layer Architectural Design Document - M. Bremer
PL-COM-SSD-AD-39     Planck IDIS Document Management System Architectural Design Document - A. Hazell
PL-COM-SSD-TP-40     Planck IDIS System Test Plan - J. Sternberg, A. Hazell
PL-COM-SSD-TN-41     Planck IDIS Use Cases Document - Ed. A. Hazell
PL-COM-SSD-TN-42     Developers Guide to Producing Releases of IDIS Software - K. Phipps
PL-COM-SSD-TP-43     Planck IDIS System Test Specification - J. Sternberg
PL-COM-SSD-TR-44     Planck IDIS Federation Layer System Test Report - M. Bremer, k. Phipps
PL-COM-SSD-TR-45     Planck IDIS Software Component System Test Report - K. Phipps
PL-COM-SSD-CC-46     Planck IDIS/Common Configuration Item List - J. R. Sternberg
PL-COM-SSD-IF-47     Planck IDIS DMC Exchange Format Design Document - J. Sternberg
PL-COM-MPA-IF-48     Common LLIO Specification for IDIS DMC - J.-M. Delouis et al.
PL-COM-SSD-TN-49     Federation Layer Performance Testing - M. Bremer
PL-COM-SSD-TN-50     Replicated Server installation guide for the Planck IDIS Federation Layer - M. Bremer, L. Gretton, K. Phipps
PL-COM-SSD-RP-51     Planck IDIS Implementation Status Report (2006) - J. R. Sternberg
PL-COM-SSD-CS-52     IDIS Environment Configurable Items - M. Bremer
PL-COM-MPA-TP-53     Planck IDIS System Test Specification for LFI - J. Rachen
PL-COM-MPA-TR-54     Planck IDIS System Test Report Compilation for LFI - J. Rachen