PLA Updates


May 10th 2021 update:

  • The PR3 Likelihood code has been updated to version R3.10 in order to fix a bug. Further details can be bound in the Explanatory Supplement.

April 11th 2021 update:

  • A new version of the Planck Sky Model has been released (v2_3_2)

March 18th 2021 update:

  • PLA 3.7 released on 18th March 2021.
    • A new version of the Planck Sky Model has been released (v2_3_0)
    • An issue with unexpected timeouts has been partially addressed.

January 17th 2020 update:

  • PLA 3.5 released on 17th January 2020:
    • A bug has been fixed in the beam averaging functionality.

September 18th 2019 update:

  • PLA 3.4 released on 18th September 2019:
    • The Planck Sky Model interface now includes two default Planck skies for NSIDE 1024 (CMB+PS+Galactic Components+FIRB+SZ) and NSIDE 2048 (CMB+PS+Galactic Components+SZ). These skies allow the users to skip the time consuming Step 1 og generating the sky and go directly to Step 2 and "Observe" these skies with Planck or other pre-defined or user-defined instrument.
    • A bug has been fixed in the Planck Sky Model software when simulating the Thermal Dust Galactic emission in temperature only. The amplitude of the thermal dust was too low.
    • A bug has been fixed in the Planck Sky Model software when simulating the polarized Synchrotron emission. The amplitude of the polarized synchrotron Q and U maps was too low.
    • The tooltips explaining how to use the global and local flags when making a map from the timelines have been expanded.
    • A bug in the target name resolver has been fixed.
    • Default values have been introduced in some custom component subtraction panels.

July 11th 2019 update:

  • PLA 3.3 released on 11th July 2019:
    • A simplified version of the Planck Sky Model interface has been released, some advanced user options are now inside the "Advanced options" sections of the interface. Some bugs have been fixed too.
    • A plotting tool has been added in Cosmology -> Angular Power Spectrum that allows real time plotting of the Planck angular spectra.
    • Additional mapmaking functionalities have been added to the PLA, and they will become publicly during the summer 2019.

May 11th 2019 update: component subtraction of PR1 and PR2 low-frequency foreground maps has been added.

  • PLA 3.2 released on 11th May 2019:
    • Several small functionalities have been added or improved, in particular, for example the possibilty to create lists of selected products to faciliate direct download with wget and curl.

February 21st 2019 update: the Planck Catalogue of Non-thermal Sources has been published in the PLA.

  • PLA 3.1 released 21st February 2019:
    • Component subtraction of additional PR3 products has been added.
    • Improvement of the tool to make maps from time ordered data now allows to use the flag information contained in the TOI files.
    • A quick search area in the home page to access PLA products by filename or near name.
    • The "Map cutout operations" section has been expanded, showing the statistics of the cutout (mean, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis).
    • An embedded ESASky frame has been added next to the cutout preview image of frequency maps cutouts, centered in the same coordinates but with a larger field of view.

January 17th 2019 update: the SEVEM CMB PR3 map (COM_CMB_IQU-sevem_2048_R3.00_full.fits) was missing the temperature and polarization effective beams. This has been fixed and the effective beams have been added to the version R3.01 of the file (COM_CMB_IQU-sevem_2048_R3.01_full.fits). All the CMB maps and masks in that file remain the same.

September 12th 2018 update: the HFI PR3 covariance matrices contained in version 3.00 of the frequency maps were not correctly computed and contained wrong values. They must not be used for any purpose. These maps have been removed from the PLA. Version 3.01 must be used instead. Intensity, polarization and hit count maps have not changed.

July 30th 2018 update: the file COM_CompMap_Compton-SZMap_R2.01.tgz has been replaced with COM_CompMap_Compton-SZMap_R2.02.tgz because the noise angular power spectra files were missing data in two of their columns.

July 23rd 2018 update: the HFI_RIMO_BEAMS_R3.00.tar.gz has been updated with HFI_RIMO_BEAMS_R3.01.tar.gz because the 857 GHz beam transfer fucntions were missing.

July 17th 2018 release: third and final cosmology data release with full-mission products in temperature and polarization, including all the added value tools.

  • PLA 3.0 released July 17th 2018: includes
    • LFI timelines
    • LFI and HFI HPR's (Healpix ring maps, plus HFI ring maps without bandpass leackage correction)
    • LFI and HFI frequency maps (plus LFI bandpass leackage correction maps)
    • Component maps in polarization (synchrotron, dust and CMB-subtracted frequency maps)
    • Component separation masks,
    • Cosmology products (Cosmological parameters, angular power spectra, lensing maps, etc.)
    • Noise covariance matrices for LFI
    • LFI and HFI effective beams

Main changes on the PLA since Feb. 5th 2015 release:

  • PLA 2.14 release Feb. 27th 2018: includes additional "value-added" functionalities (map-making from time-ordered data, component separation, map operations in full sky maps and effective beam average).
  • PLA 2.13 released Dec. 18th 2017
  • PLA 2.12 released June 12th 2017
  • PLA 2.11 released Oct. 24th 2016
  • PLA 2.10 released Aug. 2016 : includes some "value-added" functionalities (unit conversion, colour correction, masking, and band-pass transformation)
  • PLA 2.9 released May 23rd 2016 : some user interface improvements, and adding missing FFP8 simulation files
  • New PLA Helpdesk available (Jan. 2016)
  • Major refactoring of maps and cosmology interfaces, among other things (Jan. 2016)
  • Simulations released Sept. 22nd 2015
  • Polarized maps and Time-Ordered Data 100-217 GHz available (July 23rd, 2015)
  • Likelihood code available in PLA (July 13, 2015)
  • Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources 2 available in PLA (July 9th, 2015)
  • PLA interface 2.5 July 9th 2015 : added map cutouts in groups, timeline cutting, Aladin Lite full-sky view
  • PLA interface 2.4 April 21st, 2015 : allows to do map cutouts of any field of a given map, simulations interface, POSH interface, better search panels

Feb. 5th 2015 release:

Second cosmology data release with full-mission products in temperature, LFI polarization and HFI 353 GHz polar.

Main changes on PLA functionalities since March 2013 release:

  • PLA interface 2.3 Feb. 4th, 2015
  • PLA interface 2.2 Jan. 22nd, 2015
  • PLA interface 2.1 Dec. 18th, 2014
  • New PLA interface 2.0 (browser based) made available Dec. 2nd, 2014
  • Addition of map viewer for map re-projection
  • Addition of Drizzling algorithm for map re-projection
  • Effective beam re-projection added
  • Effective beam viewer added
  • Frequency map matrix added to the PLAIO Products pages (Oct. 2013)

Main changes on PLA products since March 2013 release:

  • New version of the POSH (March 2014)
  • Simulation data added: lensing, HFI and LFI maps + MC CMB and noise Dec. 2013
  • Addition of SEVEM map R1.12 Dec. 2013
  • Addition of thermal dust model maps R1.20 (incl. extinction map) Dec. 2013
  • Addition of SZ cluster catalogue validation table (Oct. 2013)
  • Addition of ASCII (.txt) version of the main CMB angular power spectrum file (Oct. 2013)
  • Addition of likelihood masks used in the likelihood paper
  • Addition of CMB anisotropy maps, at low and high angular resolution, obtained via a pixel-based parametric component separation analysis (COMMANDER-Ruler)
  • Addition of SPT/ACT likelihood file
  • Addition of LFI 70 GHz Nside=2048 maps
  • NILC and SMICA CMB maps updated with the inpainted information

March 21th, 2013 release:

  • First cosmological data products (temperature) are made public through the PLA

January 11th, 2011 release:

  • the Early-Release Compact-Source Catalogue (ERCSC) is made public through the PLA