Hipparcos: AAVSO-Based Light Curves

The light curves here are taken from Volume 12: Part B of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues. This contains light curves for large amplitude variable stars which were monitored by the AAVSO during the Hipparcos mission. These stars may be periodic or non-periodic. The Hipparcos data (points) is superimposed on the fitted light curves for the AAVSO data (orange curves). Click on the HIP number of the star to return the Hipparcos Catalogue entry and further links for the star. Following up on the monitoring of these large-amplitude variable stars by ground-based observers will greatly contribute to their understanding.

Data for all 118000 Hipparcos stars is available on Disk 2 of Volume 17, as file hip_ep.dat. The data format used corresponds to that of the Epoch Photometry Annex contained in the published Hipparcos Catalogue and described in Section 2.5 of Volume 1 of the catalogues. The individual epoch photometry transit records (Fields HT1-4; accessible through the hyperlinks on this page) are preceded by a header record (Fields HH1-4). For each transit the observation epoch is given as Field HT1 in the table. The calibrated Hipparcos magnitude and estimated standard error are given in Fields HT2 and HT3 respectively.