Hipparcos Example Catalogue pages

The following links give some example pages from different volumes of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues. Most of these files have been extracted from Volume 17 (ASCII CD-ROM) and are in pdf/ps format. Details of the individual fields for each volume are given in Volume 1: Introduction and Guide to the Data.

Volumes 5 to 9 contain the main results from the Hipparcos satellite observations. A 2 page extract illustrates the format of the left and right hand pages in the printed catalogue.
Volume 10 of the catalogues contains the Double and Multiple Systems Annex (DMSA) and Solar System Objects. For a number of non-single stars, the standard astrometric solution used to derive the parameters given in the main Hipparcos Catalogue (Volumes 5 to 9) was not appropriate and more complex models had to be used. The additional information arising from these models is given in the Double and Multiple Systems Annex. Five distinct models (each given in a separate subsection of Volume 10) were identified: Component solutions (DMSA/C), Acceleration solutions (DMSA/G), Orbital solutions (DMSA/O), VIM (variability-induced movers) solutions (DMSA/V) and Stochastic solutions (DMSA/X).
Volume 11 of the catalogues is the Hipparcos Variability Annex. This Annex is divided into two tabular sections. Part 1: Periodic Variables contains data on a subset of stars for which a period and variability amplitude has been derived on the basis of the Hipparcos data.
The second part of Volume 11 (Part 2: Unsolved Variables) contains relevant information for the unsolved variables. These are objects which could be classified as variable on the basis of the Hipparcos data, but for which periods could not be determined from the Hipparcos data.
Volume 12 of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues contains light curves compiled from the Hipparcos observations. This volume is subdivided into three parts: Part A contains folded light curves for periodic variables; Part B contains light curves (not folded) which have been fitted to data obtained from the AAVSO data base; Part C contains light curves (not folded) for unsolved systems which have conspicuous features in their light curves.
Volumes 14 to 16 of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues comprise the Millennium Star Atlas, a joint venture between ESA and the Sky Publishing Corporation. This all-sky atlas contains one million stars to visual magnitude 11 from the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues and 10,000 nonstellar objects.