The Hipparcos-2 Catalogue


A new reduction of the astrometric data as produced by the Hipparcos mission was published in 2007, claiming accuracies for nearly all stars brighter than magnitude Hp = 8 to be better, by up to a factor 4, than in the original catalogue. This catalogue is known as the Hipparcos-2 Catalogue.

Reference Papers:
The catalogue is described in "Validation of the new Hipparcos reduction", F. van Leeuwen, A&A, 474, 653-664, (2007).

Details of the data reduction, catalogue construction and verification of the results can be found in Hipparcos, the New Reduction of the Raw Data.

Catalogue Access:
Except for Intermediate Astrometry, the data is available in the Hipparcos and Tycho Legacy Archive via the ESASky Legacy Table Access Protocol (TAP) service (in the Topcat tool, select the option "Table Access Protocol (TAP) Query" in the VO menu and paste the TAP url in the "Select Service” pane). The data is also available from CDS in VizieR, from ESASky, and from the Gaia Archive.