Hipparcos PhD Theses

The following table provides a list of completed Hipparcos PhD theses. These theses are either related to the preparation of the Hipparcos mission or make substantial use of Hipparcos-mission data. Entries are compiled from information sent to us through either the Hipparcos helpdesk or through the submission form that can be found at the bottom of this page. [An incomplete list of post-launch theses that are registered in ADS can be found here.]

  Name Year of completion Title Institute(s) Country Supervisor(s) Bibcode
  Thejll, P. A. 1989 An analysis of the Palomar-Green subdwarfs and white dwarfs Delaware University USA H.L. Shipman 1989PhDT.........5T
  Arenou, F. 1993 Contribution à la validation statistique des données d'Hipparcos: Catalogue d'entrée et données préliminaires Observatoire de Paris France

A. Gómez

  Luri Carrascoso, X. 1995 Un nuevo metodo de maxima verosimilitud para la determinación de magnitudes absolutas University of Barcelona Spain J. Torra, F. Figueras  
  Claver, C. F. 1995 The Age of the Milky Way Galaxy from White Dwarf Chronometry The University of Texas at Austin USA R.E. Nather 1995PhDT.........8C
  Robichon, N. 1997 Apports de la Mama, d'Hipparcos et de Tycho a l'étude des amas ouverts proches Observatoire de Paris France C. Turon 1997PhDT..........R
  Smith, J. A. 1997 White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries and the Age of the Galaxy Florida State Institute of Technology USA T.D. Oswalt 1997PhDT........16S
  Popowski, P. A. 1998 RR Lyrae Stars as Distance Indicators The Ohio State University USA A. Gould 1998PhDT........15P
  Eyer, L. 1998 Les étoiles variables de la mission Hipparcos Université de Genève Switzerland M. Grenon, G. Burki  
  Asiain, R. 1998 Moving Groups Among Early Type Stars: Detection and Evolution University of Barcelona Spain J. Torra, F. Figueras  
  Frink, S. 1999 Kinematics of T Tauri Stars in nearby Star Forming Regions Ruperto-Carola-University of Heidelberg Germany B. Fuchs, J. Krautter 1999PhDT.........9F
  Naoumov, S. O. 1999 Origins of the galactic thick disk: Two populations or one? The University of North Carolina USA B.W. Carney 1999PhDT.........2N
  Ruymaekers, G. 1999 Error assessment of orbits and masses of visual double stars by means of bootstrap Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium C. Waelkens 1999PhDT........16R
  van den Ancker, M. 1999 Circumstellar Material in Young Stellar Objects University of Amsterdam The Netherlands A.G.G.M. Tielens 1999PhDT..........V
  Cha, A. N. S. 2000 Probing the interstellar medium in Puppis-Vela through optical absorption line spectroscopy The Johns Hopkins University USA H.W. Moos 2000PhDT.........2C
  Freire, P. C. 2000 The Pulsars in 47 Tucanae University of Manchester United Kingdom A. Lyne 2000PhDT........55F
  Hoogerwerf, R. 2000 Hipparcos and the nearby OB associations. Space astrometry and high-mass star formation Leiden University The Netherlands P.T. de Zeeuw, M.A.C. Perryman 2000PhDT.......103H
  James, C. R. 2000 Chemical and kinematic correlations in the galactic halo The University of Texas at Austin USA C.A. Sneden 2000PhDT........68J
  Quist, C. F. 2000 Studies of double and multiple stars using space astrometry Lunds Universitet Sweden L. Lindegren 2000PhDT.........2Q
  Sartori, M. J. 2000 The Star Formation Scenario in the Galactic Range from Ophiuchus to Chamaeleon Universidade de São Paulo Brazil J.R.D. Lépine 2000PhDT........10S
  de Bruijne, J. H. J. 2000 Astrometry from space: a Hipparcos study of young stellar groups Leiden University The Netherlands P.T. de Zeeuw, M.A.C. Perryman 2000PhDT.......100D
  Castellano, T. P. 2001 Discovering transits of HD 209458-b type planets with Hipparcos and FAME photometry University of California, Santa Cruz USA S.S. Vogt 2001PhDT.........2C
  Piquard, S. 2001 Détection et classification des étoiles variables du programme Tycho Université Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg) France J.-L. Halbwachs  
  Harvin, J. A. 2002 Doppler Tomography of the Massive Compact Binary Stars in the Multiple Star Systems delta Orionis and HD 206267 Georgia State University USA D.R. Gies 2002PhDT.........4H
  Madsen, S. 2002 Radial Velocities Without Spectroscopy - Astrometric determination of stellar radial motion Lunds Universitet Sweden L. Lindegren 2002PhDT..........M
  Salim, S. 2002 Applications of high-resolution astrometry to galactic studies The Ohio State University USA A. Gould 2002PhDT........12S
  Delmotte, N. 2003 Multiwavelength Cross-Identifications of Stars. Application to Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds and to Young Stars of our Galaxy Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory and ESO France D. Egret 2003PhDT.........1D
  Martin, J. C. 2003 The origins and evolutionary status of B stars found far from the galactic plane Case Western Reserve University USA R.E. Luck 2003PhDT.........4M
  Famaey, B. 2004 Kinematics and Dynamics of Giant Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium A. Jorissen 2004PhDT.......268F
  Turnbull, M. C. 2004 The search for habitable worlds: From the Terrestrial Planet Finder to SETI The University of Arizona USA N. Woolf 2004PhDT........13T
  Young, P. A. 2004 Hydrodynamics, nucleosynthesis, and mass loss in massive stars The University of Arizona USA D. Arnett 2004PhDT.......431Y
  Masana Fresno, E. 2004 Estudio de las componentes galácticas en el entorno solar University of Barcelona Spain C. Jordi  
  Arifyanto, M. I. 2005 Kinematics of nearby subdwarfs and the luminosity function of the Galactic thick disk Ruperto-Carola-University of Heidelberg Germany B. Fuchs 2005PhDT........12A
  Kaisler, D. 2005 An adaptive optics search for extrasolar planets around nearby young stars University of California, Los Angeles USA I.S. McLean 2005PhDT........13K
  Stark, M. A. 2005 The origins of hot subdwarf stars as illuminatd by composite-spectrum binaries The Pennsylvania State University USA R.A. Wade 2005PhDT.......243S
  Fernández Barba, D. 2005 Estructura espacial y cinemática de la componente estelar joven en el entorno solar University of Barcelona Spain F. Figueras, J. Torra  
  Ammler, M. 2006 Characterisation of young nearby stars: the Ursa Major group Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Germany R. Neuhäuser 2006PhDT........21A
  Cignoni, M. 2006 Star formation rate in the solar neighborhood Università degli Studi di Pisa Italy S. Degl'Innocenti 2006PhDT.......276C
  Dischler, J. S. 2006 Theoretical studies of binaries in astrophysics Lunds Universitet Sweden M.B. Davies 2006PhDT.........9D
  Frinchaboy, P. M., III 2006 Galactic disk dynamical tracers: Open clusters and the local Milky Way rotation curve and velocity field University of Virginia USA S. Majewski 2006PhDT........12F
  Jensen, D. 2006 The science of the stars in Danzig from Rheticus to Hevelius University of California, San Diego USA R.S. Westman 2006PhDT........10J
  Lefèvre, L. 2006 Etude de la variabilité des étoiles massives a l'aide de la photométrie et la spectroscopie Université de Montréal Canada A. Moffat 2006PhDT........24L
  Meakin, C. A. 2006 Hydrodynamic modeling of massive star interiors The University of Arizona USA D. Arnett 2006PhDT........20M
  Baines, E. 2007 Inspection and characterization of exoplanet systems using the CHARA Array Georgia State University USA H.A. McAlister 2007PhDT........22B
  Damljanović, G. 2007 Improvement of Accuracy of Proper Motions of Hipparcos Catalogue Stars Using Optical Latitude Observations Astronomical Observatory Belgrade Serbia N. Pejović 2007PhDT.......185D
  Lefever, K. 2007 Fundamental parameters of B-type stars. Application to a HIPPARCOS sample of B supergiants and a CoRoT sample of B dwarfs Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium C. Aerts 2007PhDT.......308L
  Bubar, E. J. 2009 The reality of the Wolf 630 moving group Clemson University USA J.R. King 2009PhDT........12B
  Vieira Villarreal, R. K. 2010 Proper motion study of the Magellanic Clouds using SPM data Yale University USA W. van Altena 2010PhDT........12V
  Antoja Castelltort, T. 2010 Moving Groups as imprints of the non-axisymetric components of the Milky Way University of Barcelona Spain F. Figueras, O. Valenzuela (UNAM, Mexico)  
  Bovy, J. 2011 Dynamical Inference in the Milky Way New York University USA D.W. Hogg 2011PhDT........86B
  Golubov, O. 2012 Modelling the Milky Way disc Ruperto-Carola-University of Heidelberg Germany A. Just 2012PhDT.......117G
  Sahlmann, J. 2012 Observing exoplanet populations with high-precision astrometry Université de Genève Switzerland D. Queloz 2012PhDT.......175S
  Galli, P. A. B. 2012 Determination of kinematic distances of pre-main-sequence stars in star-forming regions Universidade de São Paulo Brazil R. Teixeira  
  Rybizki, J. 2015 Inference from modelling the chemodynamical evolution of the Milky Way disc Ruperto-Carola-University of Heidelberg Germany A. Just  
  Cook, N. J. 2016 M Dwarfs From The SDSS, 2MASS and WISE Surveys: Identification, Characterisation and Unresolved Ultracool Companionship University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom D.J. Pinfield 2016PhDT........93C


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