The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues


The printed catalogues comprise 16 volumes, with an additional volume 17 including 6 ASCII CD-ROMs, as follows:

Produced by:
The final products of the Hipparcos mission - the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues - were released in June 1997. The catalogues were constructed under the responsibility of large scientific teams collaborating with ESA. The Consortia Leaders were Dr Lennart Lindegren (Lund, Sweden: NDAC) and Professor Jean Kovalevsky (Grasse, France: FAST) together responsible for the Hipparcos Catalogue; Professor Erik Høg (Copenhagen, Denmark: TDAC) responsible for the Tycho Catalogue; and Dr Catherine Turon (Meudon, France: INCA) responsible for the Hipparcos Input Catalogue.

Catalogue Access:
The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogue data are available from CDS, through relational database queries in Vizier, cross-identifications within SIMBAD, and data overlay in the ALADIN sky atlas. Note that the Tycho Epoch Photometry Annex B is also available from CDS. This annex is archived offline, and is available for reasonable scientific queries.

The correct reference for the catalogues is as follows:

ESA, 1997, The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, ESA SP-1200

Guides to the Catalogues

The following documents are an extract from Volume 1 giving some details of the main Hipparcos and Tycho catalogue fields: Guide to Hipparcos fields (pdf) and Guide to Tycho fields (pdf)

Further descriptions of the catalogues may be found in:
The Hipparcos Catalogue, Perryman, M.A.C. et al., 1997, A&A 323, p.L49-L52
Double star data in the Hipparcos Catalogue, Lindegren, L. et al., 1997, A&A 323, p.L53-L56
The Tycho Catalogue, Høg, E. et al., 1997, A&A 323, p.L57-L60
The Hipparcos mission: photometric data, van Leeuwen, F. et al., 1997, A&A 323, p.L61-L64

Sample Pages:
On-line extracts from the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues illustrating the contents of the various volumes.

  • Example catalogue pages illustrating the contents of the various printed volumes.
  • Sample tables from the catalogues can be viewed on-line.
  • Selected statistics from the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues are available in PDF format for viewing on-line. These include figures on the astrometric accuracies and Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams derived from the Hipparcos and Tycho data.

Reported Catalogue errors:
Lists of known and reported errors can be found at these pages, covering:

  • errors in the catalogue documentation
  • errors in the data files (printed and/or CD-ROM)
  • errors/updates in the access software on disk 1 (src, fits)
  • updates to catalogue entries based on recent research
  • Celestia 2000 updates.