Selected Photographs of the Hipparcos Satellite

The thumbnails below link to low-resolution scans of photographs of the Hipparcos satellite. Copies of the original photographs can be obtained from ESA by contacting the photographer and quoting the esa-photo number associated with each image.
Launch of the Hipparcos Satellite by Ariane 4 Flight V33, 8 August 1989, from Kourou, French Guiana

(esa-photo: 89.10.008-001)
The Hipparcos flight model in the Large Solar Simulator, in ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands (1988), undergoing thermal vacuum testing at a spin rate of 5 rpm

(esa-photo: 88.04.005-005)
The Hipparcos satellite undergoing final testing in the Large Solar Simulator at ESTEC (1988)

(this photograph was taken by Picture Report. The credit should read Photo-ESA/Picture Report)
Close-up of the Hipparcos satellite in the Large Solar Simulator at ESTEC (1988)

The Hipparcos satellite in the test facilities at ESTEC (1988)