Popular Science Articles

Since the publication of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, Hipparcos has featured in several articles in the popular or more general press.

(Note: These lists are incomplete and include only articles produced shortly after the release of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues)


  • Sky & Telescope (June 1999): "Hipparcos: The Stars in Three Dimensions" by Michael Perryman
  • Physics Today (June 1998, p38): "The Hipparcos Astrometry Mission" by Michael Perryman
  • New Scientist (30 May 1998, p43): by Ken Croswell, for a perspective on how the Hipparcos Cepheid distance measurements fit with other recent results
  • Sky & Telescope (April 1998): "Stellar Explorations" (in astronomy online) by Stuart J. Goldman
  • Science (13 February 1988): " The Universe Shows its Age" by Andrew Watson
  • Scientific American (February 1998): " Wonders: The Star Mapper" by Philip Morrison
  • Sky & Telescope (January 1998): "Brocchi's Cluster Revealed" by Brian A. Skiff
  • Astronomy (December 1997): "The Triumph of Hipparcos " by Amy Adams
  • Modern Astronomer (November 1997): "Hipparcos Maps the Stars" by Michael Perryman
  • CNES Qui Se Passe (October 1997): "Invitation au voyage dans l'Univers (II): Hipparcos " by Jean-Louis Piéplu
  • Sky & Telescope (October 1997): "Dating the Cosmos: A Progress Report" by Joshua Roth
  • Physics Today (September 1997): "Hipparcos Parallax Data may Reconcile Ages of Globular Clusters and the Universe" by Bertram Schwarzschild
  • Sky & Telescope (August 1997): "New Distances for Old Objects"
  • Zenit (July 1997): "Astrometrie vanuit de ruimte" by Hans Schrijver
  • Sky & Telescope (July 1997): From Hipparchus to Hipparcos by Catherine Turon
  • Ciel et Espace (Juin 1997): "Hipparcos-L'Univers change de taille" by Serge Brunier
  • Pour La Science (Mai 1997): "Hipparcos, satellite chasseur d'etoiles" by Francois Mignard & Christian Martin
  • Technology Ireland (May 1997): "Mapping the heavens" by Karen O'Flaherty

Radio & Television

  • 5 October 1997 (Germany): the popular German science program "Aus Wissenschaft und Forschung" included a presentation on Hipparcos. Host Richard Brunnengräber and Hipparcos Science Team member U. Bastian discussed the role of Hipparcos in providing new insight into our Universe: its size, its age and its future.
  • 28 August 1997 (The Netherlands): Intermediair, "Hipparcos ontmoet Einstein", George Beekman on the relativistic light bending verification.
  • 20 August 1997 (Britain): In "The Sky at Night" Hipparcos Science Team member Dr. F. van Leeuwen (RGO) was interviewed by Patrick Moore.
  • 21 May 1997 (Canada): On @discovery.ca Terry Dickinson (Astronomer and Editor of SkyNews magazine) discusses the Hipparcos mission and its impact on new theories on the age of the Universe. An audio extract of the interview can be found at the @discovery.ca website (go to Archives and click on 21 May 1997 - Episode #531)