Emilio Salazar Doñate 



Family Name:        Salazar Doñate                                              

Given Name:          Emilio

Date of birth:         07/04/1976

Citizenship:            Spanish

Email:                     emilio.salazar@esa.int        




February 2000: Master’s degree in Physics Sciences (Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas, especialidad Cálculo Automático) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain.


February 2001: Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Curso de Adaptacion Pedagogica, CAP) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain.


March 2008: Certificate of Higher Education: Genetics at University of Cambridge (UK).


September 2011: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering (Ingeniería Técnica Informática de Gestión) at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain.    


September 2018 Master’s Degree in Astrophysics (Master en Astrofísica) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain. Master Thesis: “Correlating High Energy Observations”


In progress: Master’s Degree in Data Science and Engineering (Master Universitario en ingeniería y ciencia de datos) at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain.




Fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) and Spanish (Mother Tongue). Beginner in German.


Technologies supported


Methodologies and Paradigms: ECSS, Scrum (Agile), Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Functional Programming, Continuous Integration


JAVA language and related tools:

  • Java 8 (Sun Certified Programmer and Developer), Spring, Hadoop, Maven, Junit, Mockito, Java Swing, Hibernate, Lucene, JPA.


  • Python3: science and machine learning libraries: scikit-learn, keras, tensorflow, pandas, numpy, scipy

Web technologies:

  • Web Frameworks (Struts, Tapestry, JSF, Spring MVC, Springboot, JHipster), Microservices, JSON, Spring, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular2


Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, BerkeleyDB


Other languages: Python, PHP, Scala


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Android.


Work history


European Space Agency, Madrid (Spain) (October 2011 - Present)

Scientific Satellite Operations Engineer for INTEGRAL and Solar Orbiter (ATG Europe contractor)

  • INTEGRAL (50%) Maintenance of the operational software (scheduling, proposal submission and evaluation, flight dynamics interface) and the administration of the Operations Database. Side projects in astrophysics and data mining.
  • Solar Orbiter (50%) Part of an Agile Team (Scrum), developing the software tools for mission planning, low latency process pipelines and auxiliary data processing.

Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain) (June 2010 - September 2011)

Software Engineer for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)


  • The design of the pre-process and pipeline of the huge amount of data gathered by the CTA telescopes using LINUX distributed systems (Grid Technology).
  • Participating in the MAGIC upgrade (Software and Hardware)
  • The design and development of Web services and Websites using Java based components



Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC), Madrid (Spain) (Sep 2009– May 2010)


Software Engineer for Proteored


  • My role involved the creation of a platform to exchange information within the Proteomics National Institute (ProteoRed) using the HUPO-PSI standards.


Genedata, Basel (Switzerland) (May 2008 - August 2009)


Java Developer for Screener.


  • Taking part of the full life cycle of Screener (Application for high throughput and high content screening analysis and lead identification), using agile methodologies (Scrum). It is a Java based, server-client.


 EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute), Cambridge (UK)  (May 2005 - May 2008)


Software Engineer for UniProt.


         UniProt is the world's most comprehensive catalogue of information on proteins.

  • Designing and developing the Website using J2EE, Hibernate and BerkelyDB


Atos Origin. Madrid and Haugesund (Norway) (July 2000 – May 2005)

Junior Programmer – Senior Programmer (Java and Web Applications)


  •  ICM (Informática de Comunidad de Madrid) Project (November 2003 - May 2005)
  • Infosynergi Change in Haugesund, Norway (July 2002 - July 2003)
  • Borzen Exchange Project in Madrid (July 2001 - July 2002)
  • Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games: SEMA INFO project (July 2000 - July 2001)




ESAC Tech Talks:

  • November the 23rd, 2018: SoopKitchen: Solar Orbiter’s Collaborative Mission Planning Tool
  • April the 22nd, 2016: Streamlining the INTEGRAL SOC Software


Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (MUNCYT) October the 4th 2015: (Talk: Agencia Espacial Europea: 50 años explorando el espacio)


Conferencias de Ciencia de la UNED (Centro las Tablas, Madrid) May the 8th, 2015 (Talk: Agencia Espacial Europea: 50 años explorando el espacio)


Newton XMM-INTEGRAL Science Seminars (ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany 2014) September the 24th (Talk: Everything you wanted to know about ISOC and never dared to ask)


ProteoRed Bioinformatics Workshop 2010 (Salamanca, Spain) March the 25th. (Talk: New Tools for MIAPE generation).


HUPO (Human Proteome) PSI Spring meeting in Seoul (Korea). 2010 March 31st – April 3rd. (Talk: New Tools for MIAPE generation



E Kuulkers, Emilio Salazar et all: INTEGRAL reloaded: Spacecraft, instruments and ground system.

         J.-U. Ness, E. Salazar, et all: Towards a better coordination of Multimessenger observations: VO and future developments, Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics 2019


Martínez-Bartolomé, Salvador, Salazar-Donate, Emilio et all: PACOM: a versatile tool to integrate, filter, visualize and compare multiple large MS proteomics datasets. J Proteome Res. 2018 Apr
         P. Kretschmar, E. Salazar (ESA/ESAC) et all: Bright apastron outburst of GRO J1008-57, the Astronomers Telegram #6917


         CTA Consortium: Design Concepts for the Cherenkov Telescope Array. Experimental Astronomy (2011) 32:193-316

         J. Alberto Medina-Aunon, Emilio Salazar et all: The ProteoRed MIAPE web toolkit: A user-friendly framework to connect and share proteomics standards. June 19, 2011 Molecular and Cellular Proteomics


Emilio Salazar, Miguel A. López, Salvador Martínez-Bartolomé, Alberto Medina, J.Pablo Albar:  Java API for MIAPE generation. Proteómica número 5. Feb 2010


         The UniProt Consortium. (2007) The Universal Protein Resource (UniProt). Nucleic Acids Research 36: D190-D195.