Emilio Salazar Doñate 



Family Name:        Salazar Doñate                                              

Given Name:          Emilio

Date of birth:         07/04/1976

Citizenship:            Spanish

Email:                     esalazard@gmail.com         




Feb.2.000: Master’s degree in Physics (Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas, especialidad Cálculo Automático) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain.


March 2008: Certificate of Higher Education: Genetics at University of Cambridge, UK.


September 2011: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering (Ingeniería Técnica Informática de Gestión) at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain.    


September 2018: Master’s Degree in Astrophysics (Master en Astrofísica) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain.    





Fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) and Spanish (Mother Tongue). Beginner in German.



Technologies supported


Methodologies and Paradigms: ECSS, Scrum, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns.


JAVA language and related tools:

  • Java (Sun Certified Programmer and Developer), Hadoop, Eclipse, CVS, SVN, Ant, Maven, Junit, Java Swing, Jakarta's products: Hibernate, Lucene, Taverna BPM.


Web technologies:

  • J2ee Platform: Web Frameworks (Struts, Tapestry, JSF, Spring MVC), Web services (SOAP, REST), JSON, JSP, Spring, Design Patterns, UML, JDBC (using SQL), Taglibs, Servlets, Applets, Html, Css, XML (including JAXB to map Java Objects to XML), JavaScript, AJAX. CMS (Drupal), PHP.
  • Application Servers: Tomcat, Oracle IAS (OC4J).


Relational Databases: Oracle (SQL, PL-SQL, Toad, and SQL+) and MySQL.  


No-SQL Databases: MongoDB, BerkleyDB


Other languages: Python, PHP, Scala


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Android.





Work history


European Space Agency, Madrid (Spain) (October 2011 - Present)

Scientific Satellite Operations Engineer for INTEGRAL (ATG Europe contractor)

The main tasks involve the maintenance and development of INTEGRAL operational software (scheduling, proposal submission and evaluation, flight dynamics interface) and the administration of the Operations Database. Side Projects in Astrophysics and Data mining.


Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain) (June 2010 - September 2011)

Software Engineer for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)


  • The design of the pre-process and pipeline of the huge amount of data gathered by the CTA telescopes using LINUX distributed systems (Grid Technology).
  • Participating in the MAGIC upgrade (Software and Hardware)
  • The design and development of Web services and Websites using Java based components



Centro  Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC), Madrid (Spain) (Sep 2009– May 2010)


Software Engineer for Proteored


My role involved the creation of a platform to exchange information within the Proteomics National Institute (ProteoRed) using the HUPO-PSI standards, see our wiki.


Genedata, Basel (Switzerland) (May 2008 - August 2009)


Java Developer for Screener.


  • Taking part of the full life cycle of Screener (Application for high throughput and high content screening analysis and lead identification), using agile methodologies (Scrum). It is a Java based, server-client application using RMI as communication protocol and Swing as client interface. Oracle and Postgres databases were supported.



 EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute), UK  (May 2005 - May 2008)


Software Engineer for UniProt.


          UniProt is the world's most comprehensive catalogue of information on proteins.

  • Developing algorithms to generate protein-behaviour predictions (Data mining).
  • Supporting XML production using JAXB.
  • Designing and developing the Website using J2EE, Hibernate and BerkelyDB


Atos Origin. Madrid and Haugesund (Norway) (July 2000 – May 2005)

Junior Programmer – Senior Programmer (Java and Web Applications)


  •  ICM (Informática de Comunidad de Madrid) Project (November 2003 - May 2005)
  • Infosynergi Change in Haugesund, Norway (July 2002 - July 2003)
  • Borzen Exchange Project in Madrid (July 2001 - July 2002)
  • Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games: SEMA INFO project (July 2000 - July 2001)





ESAC Tech Talks: April the 22th 2016: (Talk: Streamlining the INTEGRAL SOC Software)


Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (MUNCYT) October the 4th 2015: (Talk: Agencia Espacial Europea: 50 años explorando el espacio)


Conferencias de Ciencia de la UNED (Centro las Tablas, Madrid) May the 8th, 2015 (Talk: Agencia Espacial Europea: 50 años explorando el espacio)


Newton XMM-INTEGRAL Science Seminars  (ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany 2014) September the 24th (Talk: Everything you wanted to know about ISOC and never dared to ask)


ProteoRed  Bioinformatics Workshop 2010 (Salamanca, Spain) March the 25th. (Talk: New Tools for MIAPE generation) .


HUPO (Human Proteome) PSI Spring meeting in Seoul (Korea). 2010 March 31st – April 3rd. (Talk: New Tools for MIAPE generation






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          J. Alberto Medina-Aunon, Salvador Martínez-Bartolomé,  Miguel A. López-García, Emilio Salazar, Rosana Navajas, Andrew R. Jones, Alberto Paradela and Juan P. Albar: The ProteoRed MIAPE web toolkit: A user-friendly framework to connect and share proteomics standards. June 19, 2011 Molecular and Cellular Proteomics


Emilio Salazar, Miguel A. López, Salvador Martínez-Bartolomé, Alberto Medina, J.Pablo Albar:  Java API for MIAPE generation. Proteómica número 5. Feb 2010


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