INTEGRAL Press Releases Archive

Press Releases and Info Notes Archive

Integral disproves dark matter origin for mystery radiation, ESA News, 22 July 2009.
Galactic positron annihilation not a signal of dark matter, ESA Science & Technology, 22 July 2009.
At last! After 10 years a new Soft Gamma Repeater is observed, ESA Science & Technology, 16 June 2009.
Giant eruption reveals 'dead' star, ESA Space Science News, 16 June 2009.
Galaktisches Röntgenlicht stammt aus Sternen, Max-Planck Gesellschaft, 29 April 2009.
Integral détecte pour la première fois la polarisation d'un sursaut gamma, CNRS, 23 April 2009.
INTEGRAL sees variable polarization from GRB041219A, ESA Science & Technology, 03 April 2009.
Dissecting a stellar explosion, ESA Space Science News, 03 April 2009.
Magnetar observed during outburst thanks to rapid response of INTEGRAL, ESA Science & Technology, 27 January 2009.
XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL clues on magnetic powerhouses, ESA Space Science News, 14 November 2008.
Faint gamma-ray bursts do actually exist, ESA Space Science News, 13 October 2008.
INTEGRAL locates origin of high-energy emission from Crab Nebula, ESA Space Science News, 29 August 2008.
Origin of high energy emission from the Crab Nebula identified, ASI, 28 August 2008.
Astronomers may have glimpsed tiny star's surface, ESA Space Science News, 17 June 2008.
INTEGRAL reveals exotic and dusty binary systems, ESA Space Science News, 05 June 2008.
Cosmic supermagnet spreads mysterious Morse code, SRON Press Release, 20 May 2008.
INTEGRAL: Stellar winds colliding at our cosmic doorstep, ESA Space Science News, 20 February 2008.
X-rays betray giant particle accelerator in the sky, ESA Space Science News, 24 January 2008.
Anti-Elektronen in der Galaxis, Max-Planck Gesellschaft, 10 January 2008.
Le satellite Intégral révèle une fabrique d'antimatière au sein de la Voie lactée, CNRS, 09 January 2008.
INTEGRAL discovers the galaxy's antimatter cloud is lopsided, ESA Space Science News, 09 January 2008.
Understanding our neighbourhood in the universe, ESA Space Science News, 17 December 2007.
Extension of ESA's INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton missions approved, ESA Space Science News, 14 November 2007.
New scientific riches from INTEGRAL, ESA Space Science News, 07 November 2007.
Science with INTEGRAL - five years on, ESA Space Science News, 17 October 2007.
Gamma-ray lighthouse at the edge of our universe, ESA Space Science News, 03 October 2007.
Radioaktives Eisen - Fenster ins Innere der Sterne, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, SP /2007 (89), 26 June 2007.
Radioactive iron, a window to the stars, ESA Space Science News, 25 June 2007.
INTEGRAL expands our view of the gamma-ray sky, ESA Space Science News, 20 February 2007.
INTEGRAL points to the fastest spinning neutron star, ESA Space Science News, 16 February 2007.
INTEGRAL sees the Galactic centre playing hide and seek, ESA Space Science News, 18 January 2007.
INTEGRAL catches a new erupting black hole, ESA Space Science News, 27 November 2006.
ESA steps towards a great black hole census, ESA Space Science News, 07 September 2006.
Where are the supermassive black holes hiding?, ESA Space Science News, 26 July 2006.
INTEGRAL sees a GRB out of the corner of its eye, ESA Space Science News, 16 June 2006.
INTEGRAL catches stellar 'corpses' by the tail, ESA Space Science News, 16 March 2006.
INTEGRAL grijpt ‘dode sterren' bij de staart , SRON Press Release, 16 March 2006.
INTEGRAL looks at Earth to seek source of cosmic radiation, ESA Space Science News, 13 February 2006.
Exceptional manoeuvres enable unique INTEGRAL science, ESA Space Science News, 10 February 2006.
INTEGRAL identifies supernova rate for Milky Way, ESA Space Science News, 05 January 2006.
ESA's INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton missions extended, ESA Space Science News, 05 Dec 2005.
INTEGRAL reveals new class of supergiant X-ray binary stars, ESA Space Science News, 16 November 2005.
INTEGRAL: three years of insight into the violent cosmos, ESA Space Science News, 17 October 2005.
Star eats companion, ESA Space Science News, 06 September 2005.
Three satellites needed to bring out one 'shy star', ESA Space Science News, 13 July 2005.
Gamma-Blitz traf die Erde, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, SP 8/2005 (26), 18 February 2005.
Un monstre cosmique, Université de Genève, communiqué de presse, 31 January 2005.
Ein Schwarzes Loch mit greller Vergangenheit, Max-Planck Gesellschaft, 26 January 2005.
INTEGRAL rolls back history of Milky Way's super-massive black hole, ESA SNR-2-2005, 26 January 2005.
Ungewöhnliche Gammastrahlenblitze entdeckt , Max-Planck Gesellschaft, 05 August 2004.
ESA's INTEGRAL detects closest cosmic gamma-ray burst, ESA SNR-18-2004, 05 August 2004.
ESA's high-energy observatories spot doughnut-shaped cloud with a black-hole filling, ESA SNR-16-2004, 20 June 2004.
Gamma-Observatorium INTEGRAL legt Herz der Milchstraße frei , Max-Planck Gesellschaft, 17 March 2004.
ESA's INTEGRAL solves thirty-year old gamma-ray mystery, ESA SNR-5-2004, 17 March 2004.
ESA's new view of the Milky Way - in gamma rays!, ESA SNR-23-2003, 10 November 2003.
ESA's INTEGRAL discovers hidden black holes, ESA SNR-21-2003, 17 October 2003.
A gamma-ray burst bonanza, ESA Space Science News, 24 March 2003.
INTEGRAL's first look at the gamma-ray Universe, ESA IN-10-2002, 18 December 2002.
ESA presents INTEGRAL's first images, ESA PR-79-2002, 11 December 2002.
Europe opens a window onto a violent Universe, ESA PR-66-2002, 17 October 2002.
ESA's INTEGRAL satellite ready for lift-off from Baikonur, ESA PR-63-2002, 4 October 2002.
INTEGRAL -tracking extreme radiation across the Universe, ESA IN-8-2002, 1 October 2002.
ESA Science Media Day: Rosetta and INTEGRAL getting ready for launch, ESA PR-42-2002, 7 June 2002.
INTEGRAL Science Data Centre to be presented to the press, ESA PR-20-2002, 27 March 2002.
Irish astronomers eager to use European gamma-ray space observatory, ESA PR-49-2001, 25 September 2001.
ESA presents INTEGRAL, its space observatory for Gamma-ray astronomy, ESA IN-30-1998, 9 September 1998.