Integral Operations Coordination


Status 2014-01-15


Open Issues

Issue Raised Notes
JEM-X ED overlap at end of revolution 1406 Mail by R. Southworth 10 April 2014
  • Caused by OMC FF observation coinciding within seconds with re-introduced earlier stop of JEM-X operations, compared to other instruments.
Improved calibration scheme for OMC FF GS Coord. Meeting #10
  • New scheme discussed between OMC team and ISOC
    (27 Mar 2006) and briefly checked with MOC.
  • New EDs available and installed at ISOC, but scheme not fully implemented. Significant update of planning software.
  • First step of new scheme done together with Crab calibration observations in Rev 966. Further improvements still to be implemented. 
  • Updates in planning software being worked on.


Unresolved or permanent Issues

Issue Raised Notes
Orbit change could lead to temporary loss of coverage from ground stations Mail R. Southworth
(26 Feb 2010)
  • Move to Kiruna has removed original issue, but still gaps may appear in the future, depending on available stations.
IBIS DPE Crashes Mails R. Southworth
(18 Jan 2012 +
14 Feb 2012)
  • Last occurred 2004 (ARTS INT SC-79).
  • Reasons not determined
SPI cold plate temperature rising at perigee Phone call R. Southworth
(19 Nov 2010)
  • Probably caused by illumination from Earth (now much closer and summer in Southern hemisphere).
  • Use of selected perigee passage attitude to avoid illumination of cold plate successful.
  • Handled by seasonal use of selected perigee passage attitudes.
Roll angle constraint violation for Rev 808/809 Mail by ADC team
(24 May 2009)
  • Issue was trivially fixed at ESOC, but the question never settled how this could happen.
Effects of proton radiation Mail by R. Southworth
  • Integral is now passing through proton belts.
  • PIs have been asked to monitor instrument behaviour.
JEM-X On-Request HK not always handled at ISDC Mail by S.Brandt
22 Feb 2006
  • Found in relation to Test Mode handling
  • Software updated at ISDC but some ORHK parameters missing in database (never entered at MOC).
  • ORHK mixed with normal HK, upsetting JEM-X ISSW.
  • Has to be treated by update of JEM-X DB at MOC.


Closed Issues

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Open Actions

Action# On Due Description Status Notes
IOCG/06/02 E. Jourdain 31 March 2014 Estimate required observation times for SPI HE spectral calibration Open  
IOCG/06-03 ISOC 31 Jan 2014 Test SPI software in Toulose ws softtware at ISDC Open  
IOCG/04-02 MOC  30 Jun 2011 Replace current IBIS ECOE. Open  
Co/11-07 P. Kretschmar 31 Jan 2007 Draw together TN with astrophysical cases for bright sources and possible reaction strategies. Ongoing

Currenlty not an issue


Closed Actions

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Integral Operations Coordination Group Meetings

# Date Place Minutes (PDF) Presentations
 06 2013-11-25 ESTEC Minutes Link to presentations
 05 2012-06-21 ESTEC    
 04 2011-03-25 ESOC Minutes Link to presentations
 03 2010-02-23 ESOC Minutes Link to presentations
 02 2009-02-11 IASF Roma Minutes Link to presentations
 01 2008-04-24 ESOC Minutes Link to presentations


GS Coordination Meetings

# Date Place Minutes (PDF) Presentations
13 2007-11-06 ESOC Minutes Link to presentations
12 2007-04-26 Toulouse Minutes Link to presentations
11 2006-11-27 Copenhagen Minutes

Link to presentations

10 2005-12-05 ESAC Minutes Link to presentations
9 2005-06-14 ESTEC Minutes  
8 2004-11-04 Rome Minutes  
7 2004-03-02 ISDC Minutes  
6 2003-09-11 VILSPA Minutes  
5 2003-05-13 ISDC Minutes  
4 2003-02-06 ESOC Minutes  
3 2002-11-19 Telecon Minutes  
2 2002-08-20 ESTEC Minutes  
1 2002-06-17 ISDC Minutes  


GS CCB Meetings

# Date Place Minutes (PDF)
9 2005-12-05 ESAC See GS Coord. #10
8 2005-06-14 ESTEC Minutes
7 2004-11-04 Rome Minutes
6 2004-03-02 ISDC Minutes
5 2003-09-11 VILSPA Minutes
4 2003-05-14 ISDC Minutes
3 2003-02-05 ESOC Minutes
2 2002-11-19 ESOC Minutes
1 2002-09-23 Telecon Minutes


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