The 2008 Project

Alumni Meeting

Scope of the meeting

On the 8th September 2008 the annual Alumni Meeting was held at ESAC. This years meeting was a smaller event, giving the opportunity for the Summer 2008 season trainees and past Alumni working at ESAC to present their work. 2009 will resume with the more 'traditional' large Summer Alumni meeting in July.


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Deborah Baines

Welcome, The ESAC Trainee Project 2008

ESAC 15:00
2008 Nathan Dickinson XMM-Newton EPIC Contamination Monitoring University of Leicester (UK) 15:10
2008 Duilio Farina CAM II University of Turin (Italy) 15:30
2008 Victor Bayona Revilla Study of Root Finding Algorithms for Science Planning University Autónoma Madrid (Spain) 15:50
2007 Pablo Cassatella An X-ray Spectroscopic Hysteresis Cycle in ESO511-G030? ESAC 16:10
    coffee break   16:30
2006 Nuria Fonseca UV-Xrays Spectral Energy Distributions of AGNs using XMM-Newton ESAC 16:45
2008 Alex Kolodzig X-ray Binary Light-Curve Analysis in Optical and X-ray University Complutense Madrid (Spain)