The 2004 Project


Gabi Jenny Pili Diego Flori

The trainees are from the University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Bonn (Germany) and from the ESA Young Graduate Trainee Programme.

Each student has written an individual report including personal details & goals, the work they have been doing as part of the project and some statements about life as a trainee at ESA.

Simply click on a trainee to access their individual reports.

2004 Trainees

Trainee Quotes

"Its been great fun working together and sharing ideas with other trainees within a really supportive network of trainees and tutors"

"And what an amazing location! Madrid and its nightlife is hard to beat!"

"An opportunity to develop and obtain skills, within a constructive and supportive atmosphere."

"A really exciting place to work"

"Great opportunities to not only develop skills but be part of a real working team"

"Sun, Sangria and ...Satellites   (Only joking Marcus!)"