The 2010 Project

Alumni Meeting




Scope of the meeting

On the 2nd July 2010 the Annual Summer Alumni Trainee Meeting was held at ESAC. The Alumni meeting gives former trainees the opportunity to present their current work to the ESAC community and to see what we are doing at ESAC regarding traineeships. It also gives current and new trainees the opportunity to see the type of career paths they can follow after their traineeship, and allows everyone to do some networking and have a small party.



in year
Participants Topic Institute Time
  Deborah Baines


ESAC 10:00
2008 Florent Nobelen Validation of the pipeline of the Herschel Space Observatory PACS instrument thanks to a scientific simulator Imperial College London (UK) 10:10
2009 Ruben Herrero Illana Identification of very massive AGB stars at the GLIMPSE survey Universidad de La Laguna (Spain) 10:30
2009 Cherry NG Study of extra-solar planets using the transit method University College London (UK) 10:50
2007 Illeana Gómez Spectro-photometric analysis and modeling of the infrared emission of exoplanets Astrophysics Observatory of Bordeaux (France) 11:10
    coffee break   11:30
2009 Alexander Kolodzig Results of X-ray spectra modeling for accretion plasma of magnetic white dwarfs Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany) 12:00
2010 Guillermo Jenaro Rabadan Neutron stars and black holes on the edge Paris Observatory (France) 12:20
2010 Enrique Sanchez Gallery of selected galactic supernova remnants Universidad Completense de Madrid (Spain) 12:40
2007 Beatriz Mingo Radio bubbles, shocks and feedback: When AGNs burp University of Hertfordshire (UK) 13:00
    lunch   13:20
2004 Florencia Jiménez Luján Physical conditions in outflows from Broad and not-so-Broad Absorption Line quasars Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)


2006 YGT Pieter-Jan Baeck The X100 Unmanned Aircraft System: Revolutionary Mapping Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (Belgium) 15:00
    coffee break   15:20
2009 Maël Guiheneuf Hyperspectral and multiangular data fusion for planetary science Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) 15:50
2010 Camille Pelloquin Automated Analysis of Large Planetary Datasets Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) 16:10
2010 Maria del Mar Nuñez Scheduling Optional Tasks in an Over-Constrained System of Dependent N-ary Resources Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Madrid (Spain) 16:30
  Deborah Baines Closing Remarks   16:50