2014 Alumni Meeting




Scope of the meeting

On the 24th October 2014 the Annual Alumni Trainee Meeting was held at ESAC. The Alumni meeting gives former trainees the opportunity to present their current work to the ESAC community and to see what we are doing at ESAC regarding traineeships. It also gives current and new trainees the opportunity to see the type of career paths they can follow after their traineeship, and allows everyone to do some networking and make new friends.



in year
Participants Topic Institute Time
  Deborah Baines


ESAC 10:00
2010 Marc Costa Rosetta Science Operations at ESAC ESA/ISDEFE, ESAC (Spain) 10:10
2010 Maria del Mar Ground Segment and Operations for the Deimos-2 Program Elecnor Deimos (Spain) 10:30
2012 Maxime Follin Designing and Tolerancing for Space Optics Scoptique (Germany) 10:50
    coffee break   11:10
2009 Cherry Ng Discovering 60 pulsars with the Parkes Radio Telescope Max-Planck Institute of Radio Astronomy, Bonn  (Germany) 11:40
2011 Tobias Beuchert A Variable-Density Absorption Event in NGC 3227 mapped with Suzaku and Swift Remeis Observatory Bamberg and Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (Germany) 12:00
2011 Annika Kreikenbohm The curious case of Gamma-NLS1s University of Würzburg (Germany) 12:20
2008 Alex Kolodzig Large-scale structure studies with AGN in X-rays Max-Planck Institute of Astrophysics, Garching (Germany) 12:40
    lunch   13:00
2006 Nuria Fonseca From AGN to Circumstellar Discs CAB, Torrejón (Spain)


2011 Alvaro Ribas Know your star, predict your planets! CAB, ESAC (Spain) 14:20
2014 Isabel Rebollido Identification of transitional disks with Herschel University of La Laguna (Spain) 14:40
    coffee break   15:00
2013 Francesco Casalegno Numerical Methods for Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization Ecole Polytechinque Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) 16:00
2012 Jakub Kaluzny Hacking the universe - Internet of Things SecuRing (Poland) 16:20
2010 Guillermo Jenaro Novel approaches on gust encounter simulation methods Airbus (France) 16:40
2014 Miguel Marcos Advanced ergonomics for new Human-Machine interaction models Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid (Spain)


  Deborah Baines Closing Remarks   17:20



Ecole Polytechinque Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in  Switzerland