The 2009 Project

Alumni Meeting

Scope of the meeting

On the 21st July 2009 the Annual Alumni Trainee Meeting was held at ESAC. The Alumni meeting gives former trainees the opportunity to present their current work and to see what we are doing at ESAC regarding traineeships. It also gives the new trainees some ideas of what one can do after the training, and allows everyone to do some networking and have a small party.


Since 2004 a trainee project has been carried out at ESAC where young scientists participate in a space project scientifically operated from the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC). Trainees from various universities and the ESA Young Graduate Trainee Programme are involved.




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Deborah Baines

Welcome, The ESAC Trainee Project 2009

ESAC 10:30
  Marcus Kirsch Welcome Video ESOC 10:40
2006 Antonio Martin-Carrillo XMM Follow-up Observations of GRB afterglows University College Dublin (Ireland) 10:45
2009 Leila Khallefi Study and Application of Superresolution Techiniques to the Images from the OSIRIS camera onboard Rosetta University of Paris (France) 11:05
2008 Michelle Picardo Preparation of AGIS validation with Nano-Jasmine data Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) 11:25
    coffee break   11:45
2009 Jamie Keating Studying the long term variability of Vela X-1 with the RXTE/ASM University College Dublin (Ireland) 12:05
2004 Pilar Esquej Tidal disruption events discovered by XMM-Newton University of Leicester (UK) 12:25
2009 Maël Guiheneuf Hyperspectral and multiangular data fusion for planetary science Ecole Centrale Nantes (France) 12:45
2004 Jenny Carter A Coronal Mass Ejection as seen by XMM-Newton University of Leicester (UK) 13:05
    lunch   13:25
2008 Alex Kolodzig X-ray sky survey of bright, serendipitous sources with 2XMMi at the AIP Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)


2009 Maria de Juan Ovelar The soft SNR N132D to study the gain of the EPIC-pn camera Universidad Politècnica de Madrid (Spain) 14:50
2006 Rosie Willatt Measuring sea ice thickness using satellite radar altimetry University College London (UK)


    coffee break   15:30
2009 Gerard Fitzpatick The ups and downs of AB Dor University College Dublin (Ireland) 15:50
2007 Bea Mingo Lights and Shadows, the RGS view of Markarian 421 Universidad Autònoma de Madrid (Spain)


  Deborah Baines Closing Remarks   16:30