The 2013 Project

Alumni Meeting




Scope of the meeting

On the 6th September 2013 the Annual Summer Alumni Trainee Meeting was held at ESAC. The Alumni meeting gives former trainees the opportunity to present their current work to the ESAC community and to see what we are doing at ESAC regarding traineeships. It also gives current and new trainees the opportunity to see the type of career paths they can follow after their traineeship, and allows everyone to do some networking and make new friends.



in year
Participants Topic Institute Time
  Deborah Baines


ESAC 09:40
2010 Guillermo Jenaro Airbus World of Loads and Aeroelastics Airbus (France) 09:50
2012 Alberto Camacho Artificial Intelligence Planning on Earth and Space UPF, Barcelona (Spain) 10:10
2012 Jakub Kaluzny IT Security in Aerospace Industry AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow (Poland) 10:30
2012 Yoan Mollard Software Simulation of Industrial Equipments Operated by PLCs Bordeaux Institute of Technology (France) 10:50
2006 YGT Pieter-Jan Baeck Unmanned Aircraft Mapping in a Nutshell Gatewing - Trimble (Belgium) 11:10
    coffee break   11:30
2008 Alex Kolodzig Large-scale Structure Studies with AGN in the eROSITA/SRG All-Sky Survey Max-Planck Institute of Astrophysics, Garching (Germany) 12:00
2010 Nancy Xagkoni Densing the Neutron Stars École Polutechnique, Paris (France) 12:20
2006 Nuria Fonseca A WISE Study of Infrared Excesses in Open Stellar Clusters CAB, Torrejon (Spain) 12:40
2006 Ignacio Mendigutía Characterizing Accretion in Young Stars, a Key Ingredient to Study Planet Formation Clemson University, South Carolina (USA) 13:00
    lunch   13:20
2007 Bea Mingo Radio-loud AGN through X-ray eyes University of Leicester (UK)


2012 Nora-Linn Strotjohann Highly Variable AGN from the XMM Slew Survey University of Bonn (Germany) 14:50
2013 Liam O'Sullivan Probing the Innermost Accretion Discs around Black Holes University College Dublin (Ireland) 15:10
2010 Rodolfo Ostilla Monico Towards the Ultimate State of Turbulence University of Twente (The Netherlands)


2012 Pablo Ramirez I'm a Lonely... Galaxy IAA, Granada (Spain)


    coffee break   16:10
2013 Madeleine Finlay Enhancing the Worldwide Exposure of ESA Science Archives and VO Tools: Development of Scientific tutorials University of Edinburgh (UK) 16:40
2012 Irene Rodriguez Alegre Detection of Radio Frequency Interferences from SMOS Polarimetric Data University Autonoma of Barcelona (Spain) 17:00
2012 Mark Kennedy Implementation of an AllSky Monitor for LIDAR and Astronomical Purposes University College Cork (Ireland) 17:20
2012 Maxime Follin OLIMPO, a Balloon-Borne Telescope for Cosmology, Design and Analysis of the Optical System Meudon Observatory, Paris (France)


  Deborah Baines Closing Remarks   18:00