The 2006 Project

Winter Meeting - 15 January 2007

2006 Trainees


Participants Topic Institute Time
Marcus Kirsch Welcome ESAC 10:30
Laura Barragan INTEGRAL spectra of Galactic Bulge sources University Complutense Madrid (Spain) 10:40
Pieter-Jan Baeck INTEGRAL Product Visualisation YGT, ESAC 11:00
Ignacio Mendigutía Infrared Space Observatory Spectral Atlas ("superspectra project") University Complutense Madrid (Spain) 11:20
Gustaf Winroth Energy calibration refinement of the EPIC-pn Burst mode Linköping University (Sweden) 11:40
  lunch break   12:00
Fernando Bayon Cross Calibration with XMM-Newton University Complutense Madrid (Spain) 14:00
Rosemary Willatt Population of the XMM-Newton Image Gallery YGT, ESAC 14:20
Nuria Fonseca An X-ray/radio sample of Active Galactic Nuclei University Complutense Madrid (Spain) 14:40
Marcus Kirsch The ESAC trainee project in 2007 and beyond ESAC 15:00