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Please check carefully the following requests:

  • Do not write full words in capital letters (except acronyms).
  • Check that your first name and surname are spelt correctly and are in the correct assigned box. In particular, check that you are filling the surname in the surname box.
  • Check that you are eligible to apply: You must be a national of an ESA Member State or one of its Cooperating States. You must also be a student (either undergradute or Masters student) when you apply. Please read carefully the 'Who can apply' section of the Training Opportunities page.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the submission is completed.

Additional remarks about the registration form

  • Name: Please give your full name (do not write in capital letters).
  • Affiliations: Please fill in your affiliation: University or Institution, City, Country. To apply you must be either an undergraduate or a Master's student.
  • Nationality: Please give your Nationality. To apply you must be a national of an ESA Member State or one of its Cooperating States. Studying in an ESA member state does not contribute to your eligibility for an ESA traineeship.
  • Address: Please give your permanent address.
  • Projects: Please list the projects you wish to apply for. Each applicant can apply for a maximum of 3 projects in order of priority.
  • Availability: Please give your available dates for a traineeship at ESAC, starting in 2019 (for example: February to August 2019; 1st October 2019 to 1st February 2020). Please note: the Summer is the most popular time period and therefore the most competitive due to constraints on the number of trainees we can accommodate in any time period.
  • CV File: Please upload your CV in English. Please put in the title ONLY your name and last name and do not include "CV", signs such as: underscores, hyphens, apostrophes or any other signs in it. All applicants are invited to include a brief letter of interest. If you would like to upload such a letter of interest, please include it in the same file as your CV.
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