8. CubeSat integration and performance validation of polarized antennas.


ESA supervisor: Xavier Dupac
Collaborator(s): Julio Gallegos, Marcos López-Caniego

Site: ESAC

Our team has been working on the design and building of a CubeSat, whose payload is a set of antennas providing polarized microwave signal to calibrate Cosmic Microwave Background ground-based experiments.  The antennas are ready to be tested and the subsystems of the CubeSat ready to integrate. Your work will be to perform the integration and testing of the CubeSat platform, integrate the antennas, and define the tests to be performed with the ground station, flying the hardware on a balloon or drone over the QUIJOTE experiment in Tenerife.

The project will need that you get involved in all subsystems:  communication, AOCS, EPS, structure, mechanisms and on the operational aspects both during the testing on Earth and the definition of the operations in space (orbit, power budget profile, visibility, etc).

Project duration: 6 months.

Desirable expertise or programming language:

  • Knowledge of Space Engineering and satellite subsystems.
  • Knowledge of microprocessors and microcomputers as applied to CubeSats.
  • Knowledge of antennas and RF/EM in general.
  • Knowledge of testing processes and tools.
  • Knowledge of Matlab/Simulink.


To apply for this project please fill in an online application form through the following link.