6. Interactive data tutorials for Mars Express.


ESA supervisor: Mark Bentley
Collaborator(s): David Heather, Emmanuel Grotheer

Site: ESAC

After orbiting Mars for more than 20 years, the Mars Express (MEX) mission has built an extensive collection of data from its eight instruments. All of these data are made freely available to the public in ESA's Planetary Science Archive (PSA). However, due to the diversity and complexity of the data, it is not always easy to start analysing them. This project aims to produce a set of Jupyter Notebooks which guide new users through the process of searching for data, processing it and producing meaningful results. Combined with the ESA DataLabs project, which will allow users to run, modify and create their own notebooks running alongside the data, this will give the planetary science community a powerful tool to quickly start producing new science from MEX.

Project duration: 6 months.

Desirable expertise or programming language:

  • Python.
  • Data analysis.
  • Jupyter Lab.
  • Planetary science.


To apply for this project please fill in an online application form through the following link.