2020 ESAC Trainee Projects

Below you can find the list of projects being offered in 2020, that have been divided into four categories. You can find the details on each project on the page dedicated for each category:



1. Automatic identification of astronomical objects in HST images with deep learning

2. Detecting galaxy clusters in simulation data in preparation for the Euclid mission

3. Astrometric Residuals Analysis

4. CubeSat: Attitude Determination and Control System

5. Super-resolution and de-noising of XMM-Newton images using machine learning techniques

6. Understanding the X-ray variability of Black Holes

7. The historic X-ray light curve of the blazars Mrk421 and PKS2155-304 on the 20th anniversary of XMM-Newton.


solar system science

8. Integrated mapping of geological features on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as observed by the Rosetta mission

9. Characterising Suprathermal Electrons at Interplanetary Shocks

10. Python modules for SunPy and HelioPy to access Solar Orbiter Archive data


Software development

11. A Science Logbook for the BepiColombo Quick-Look Analysis

12. Cross-match operations on large astronomical catalogues on Spark and AXS

13. Centralized acces system of PA metrics

14. Conference Mobile Application Development


Galileo Navigation Science Office

1. CesaR Science Education

2. Exploiting GNSS data from space users for upper atmospheric (Aeronomy) analysis

3. CesaR ESAC Solar Observatory Master Control Programme

4. CesaR ESAC Optical Observatory setup and configuration

5. CesaR Educational Software Development