Membership of the INTEGRAL Users Group (IUG)


The IUG is composed of (i) external members, (ii) the chair of the Time Allocation Committee (TAC), (iii) members of the former ISWT, and (iv) ESA staff.

  1. External IUG members should be active researchers in the field of high-energy astrophysics and be regularly using INTEGRAL scientific data. They should not formally be affiliated with INTEGRAL PI teams (neither instruments nor ISDC). The IUG chair is an external IUG member. From the beginning in 2005, when the IUG was formed, external members served on the IUG for a duration of two years.

    However, for new memberships as of 2011, the term will be four years, with the term of the next IUG chair (starting in 2011) being two years, and then four years afterwards in order to preserve expertise.  External IUG members are appointed by ESA's Director of Science, after consultation with the Astronomy Working Group, the outgoing IUG members and the Project Scientist.

  2. the chair of the Time Allocation Committee (TAC)
  3. IUG members from the former ISWT are:
    The Co-PIs for IBIS and SPI, PIs for JEM-X, OMC, and ISDC, respectively; Mission Scientists and the Russian representative for the PROTON launcher.
  4. IUG members from ESA are:
    The Project Scientist, his deputy, and the Mission Manager, as well as the INTEGRAL SOC Team Leader as secretary.


Current members of the IUG





Lorraine Hanlon (Chair) UCD Dublin (Ir)
(lorraine.hanlon (at)
External scientist (IUG chair) July 2018 - July 2022
Margarita Hernanz CSIC Institut de Ciencies de l'Espai, Barcelona (E) External scientist July 2020 - July 2024
Julien Malzac IRAP/CNRS, Université de Toulouse (F) External scientist July 2020 - July 2024
Sandro Mereghetti IASF-INAF, Milano (I) External scientist July 2019 - July 2023
Lara Sidoli IASF-INAF, Milano (I) External scientist July 2020 - July 2024
Sergey Sazonov IKI, Moscow (RF) External scientist July 2019 - July 2023
Ed van den Heuvel University of Amsterdam (NL) TAC chair  
Brad Cenko GSFC (USA) Mission Scientist  
Sergei Grebenev IKI, Moscow (RF) Mission Scientist  
Wim Hermsen SRON, Utrecht (NL) Mission Scientist  
Julie McEnery GSFC (USA) Mission Scientist  
Pietro Ubertini INAF-IAPS, Roma (I) Co-PI IBIS  
Philippe Laurent APC/Université de Paris 7e, Paris (F) Co-PI IBIS  
Jean-Pierre Roques IRAP, Toulouse (F) Co-PI SPI  
Jochen Greiner MPE, Garching (D) Co-PI SPI  
Søren Brandt DTU Space, Lyngby (DK) PI JEM-X  
Miguel Mas-Hesse INTA, Madrid (E) PI OMC  
Carlo Ferrigno ISDC, Versoix (CH) PI ISDC  
Rashid Sunyaev IKI Moscow (RF), MPA Garching (D) Repr. PROTON Launcher  
Erik Kuulkers ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL) Project Scientist  
Matthias Ehle ESA ESAC, Madrid (E) Mission Manager  
Norbert Schartel ESA ESAC, Madrid (E) Dep. Proj. Scientist  
Guillaume Bélanger ESA ESAC, Madrid (E) INTEGRAL SOC Team Leader (IUG secretary)  


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