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A high-altitude observation campaign with the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera was used to construct five global mosaics of Mars from images captured through each of its five different spectral filters: panchromatic, red, green, blue and infra-red.

The substantial overlaps of high-altitude images enable the calculation of a global colour model yielding mosaics which both retain long range colour information and maintain high relative colour accuracy. The mosaics are currently processed at 2 km/pixel.

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DOI 10.57780/esa-t4y39mj
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V1.0 First version of this data set.

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European Space Agency, 2023,  Mars_HRSC_High-Altitude-Mosaic_V1.0,

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G. G. Michael, D. Tirsch, K.-D. Matz, W. Zuschneid, E. Hauber, K. Gwinner, S. Walter, R. Jaumann, T. Roatsch, F. Postberg. A global colour mosaic of Mars from high altitude observations (in review)



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