Guest Storage Facility

In 2019, the PSA developed a new feature, the Guest Storage Facilty. This consists in an FTP file repository into which scientists from the planetary community can upload and share scientific products valuable for the community.


Scientific products to be hosted in the Guest Storage Facilty should be of interest for the planetary science community, and overall making use or presenting new products from ESA's planetary missions.
The format of the data is entirely up to the data producer choice.
The PSA only require the "Data User Guide" to be provided, the template can be downloaded here.
An associated scientific peer-reviewed publication associated to the products is encouraged

Inquiry to the PSA for storage

Potential data producers should get in touch with the PSA, either through their known contacts, the mission archive scientsist, or here.
After initial contact, the PSA will then contact the data producers to formalize the process and provides credentials for the FTP access to upload the data.
A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) could be assigned to each delivery, this is an optional functionality that is also highly encouraged.

PSA review of the GSF

While the products are looked at by the archive scientists (i.e., not all one by one), no proper full scale peer reviewed scientific analysis are done.

Content of the Guest Storage facility

Title Date Description Product User Guide Missions and/or Targets Point of contact Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
UCL-MSSL_iMars_HRSC_V1.0 February 2019 A high spatial resolution (50m) Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and orthorectified Image (ORI) have been produced for the Martian South Polar Residual ice-Cap (SPRC)for 33 HRSC strips and the associated ORIs at 12.5m. In addition, a 50m DTM mosaic has been created alongside a 12.5m ORI mosaic. For the ORI mosaic, Individual HRSC image strips have been corrected for different surface scattering properties prior to mosaicing Link to the (PUG) MarsExpress HRSC

Jan Peter Muller

Alfiah Rizky Diana Putri