Data Workshops

In co-operation with the mission instrument teams, the PSA organises data workshops aimed at the scientific community at large. They take the form of hands-on lessons, with expert members of the instrument teams providing direct support on the best ways in which to calibrate and use their data for science. SPICE workshops are organised by the ESA SPICE Service and typically take place once every two years. During these workshops expert advice is provided on the use of SPICE and ancillary data with archived instrument data. For more information on SPICE Training visit the ESA SPICE Service web.

Previous Workshops

For details of these workshops and links to the presentations and software used during the workshops, please follow the links below. If you have any general queries about the workshops or training relating to any aspect of planetary data or archiving, please contact us.

Technical / Archive Workshops

Joint Instrument/Mission Workshops


SPICE Workshops