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A large area 1m mosaic covering 260 km × 209 km and constituent orbital strips covering the whole of the von Karman crater on the lunar farside. These mosaics include a  Digital Terrain Model (DTM) at 1m and OrthoRectified Image mosaic (ORI) at 50cm based on 0.5-1.5m LROC-NAC single scenes. In addition, the context DTM (14m) and ORI (7m) image from Chang'E-2 global mosaic which was itself co-registered to the global LOLA+SELENE dataset (59m at 128 ppd). Generated using Single Height Estimation algorithm MADNet 2.0 originally trained for Mars but re-trained for the Moon using all available good quality LROC-NAC stereo pairs. 370 LROC-NAC scenes were selected and co-registered to the CE2 ORI mosaic. The von Karman crater is the location of the Chang'E-4 rover (Yutu-2).

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V1.0 First version of this data set.

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  1. Muller, J.-P., Tao, Y. & Conway, S. One metre 3D mapping of the Moon using the automated MADNet 2.0 single image height estimation. in Europlanet Science Congress 2022 vol. 16:6 (EPSC 2022). doi: 

  2. Tao, Yu, Jan-Peter Muller, Susan J. Conway, Siting Xiong, Sebastian H. G. Walter, and Bin Liu. 2023. "Large Area High-Resolution 3D Mapping of the Von Kármán Crater: Landing Site for the Chang’E-4 Lander and Yutu-2 Rover" Remote Sensing 15, no. 10: 2643.

  3. Xin, X., Liu, B., Di, K., Yue, Z. & Gou, S. Geometric Quality Assessment of Chang’E-2 Global DEM Product. Remote Sensing 12, 526 (2020). doi: 

Dataset credit European Space Agency, 2023, UCL-MSSL_Moon_von_Karman_V1.0,

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
LROC Narrow Angle Camera 

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