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PSA Geometry Search Tool (PGS)

The PGS is designed to provide a fast and efficient way of querying data based on their coordinates. By default the tool is set up to work with Mars data, but it can be configured to be used on any planetary body for which the proper geometry information exists. The tool is not designed to complete more complex queries. The standard PSA user interfaces can be used for this.

Examples of queries that can be done with the PGS are:

  • Find all the Mars Express HRSC images in a given dataset that contain Olympus Mons.
  • Find and download all the Mars Express OMEGA products between 20 and 40 degrees latitude, and 40 and 80 degrees longitude.
  • Compare the results found above with the results found for HRSC in the same area.

Once you have finalised your query, you can use the PGS to download the data directly from the PSA.

The tool can be downloaded from the link below. Once downloaded, simply double-click on the geoinstallv1.1.jar file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. After installation, the PGS can be run by going to the $installation/bin/ directory and double-clicking on 'pgs'.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS
Requirements: Java runtime environment 1.6.0 or newer
Programming Language: Java

Download the PGS


PSA Geometry Library (GeoLib)

Geolib allows easy generation of PSA Geometry indices. It is a C library that the user can integrate in their software to compute the geometrical quantities required by the PSA geometry indices

Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris
Requirements: CSPICE
Programming Language: C

Download the GeoLib


Planetary Science Archive Volume Verifier (PVV)

The Planetary Science Archive Volume Verifier (PVV) is a tool developed by PSA as a method of automating the verification of data sets before general release to the community.

The PVV verifies PDS compliance of the dataset folder and file structure by making an 'image' of the dataset in question and comparing that against a centrally stored dictionary 'image' of what the dataset should look like. The PVV will verify:

  • The syntax of data products and data sets
  • The structure of the data sets
  • All descriptive elements within a data set
  • The consistancy of descriptive elements between data sets

The PVV is used by the instrument teams to validate, compress and deliver their data to the PSA. It also supports incremental deliveries and provides the facility for teams to make updates to data sets that have already been delivered. Internally, the PVV allows us to track the delivery or ingestion status of any data set.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP, MacOS
Requirements: Java version 1.4.0 or above, Internet connection
Programming Language: Java

Download the PVV


Planetary Science Archive Dataset Validation System (PVS)

The Planetary Science Archive Dataset Validation System (PVS) is a software tool allowing the quantitative validation of PDS-compliant datasets against user-defined criteria.

The PVS was developed by the PSA in response to recommendation made from an external peer review of the Mars Express data archive. The review board requested a tool to which could perform qualitative evaluations of data in the archive before the release to the scientific community.

Currently, the tool is only used internally for validation of Mars Express data before ingestion, and is not available for distribution. Full details, instructions and documentation is available at the link below.

Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS
Requirements: IDL 6.4 or newer, SPICE IDL library, READPDS IDL library
Programming Language: IDL

PVS Website