CHEOPS Observers Manual

The CHEOPS Observers Manual aims to provide members of the community with an overview of how to observe with CHEOPS. It includes details on the tools available to support propspective observers in their proposal preparation together with decrption of the different elements of the mission, including the instrument, operations and performance. Details are also provided on how CHEOPS data is procesed, the data products and how data can be accessed.

Below are links so issues of the manual. The currently applicable issue is highlighted in bold, detailing how it differs from the previous issue.

Issue i2.0 (applicable to AO-2) is available at this link.

Issue i3.0 - issued October 2021, in preparation for the opening of AO-3 in November 2021. Available at this link.

                  ** The link was corrected on 5 February 2022 to point to i3.0, where it had previously been pointing to i2.0 **

Issue i3.1 - issued 13 February 2022. Changes relative to i3.0 are editorial (typo corrections) Available at this link




Last updated: 13 February 2022