Proprietary Data


All CHEOPS observations are subject to a proprietary period of 1 - 1.5 years, depending on the following details and unless explicitly waived.

All visits belonging to the same target (line of sight) within a science programme are placed into the same Observation Request (OR) group. The proprietary period is computed per OR group. The Science Operations Centre (SOC) inspects all visits, and if the data passes all quality checks, declares the visit as complete.

  • By default, the proprietary period is 1 year, counting from the time that an OR group's final visit is declared complete.
  • However, the proprietary period shall never exceed 1.5 years, counting from the time that an OR group's first visit is declared complete.

The proprietary period is waived for:

  • all observations for the GTO's Synergy with other Missions (SoM) programme in the Extended Mission 1, and
  • any observations for which the PI explicitly wishes to waive it.

For the Guest Observers (GO) Programme, only the PI and co-PI of the proposal associated with the OR can see and retrieve their proprietary data from the Mission Archive. For the Guaranteed Time Observing (GTO) Programme, all members of the CHEOPS Science Team have proprietary access to its observations.


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