Simulated CHEOPS Data


Data simulating a selection of representative CHEOPS observations, generated using the simulation tool CHEOPSim, can be downloaded from the link below. The data is described in the Section in the Observers' Manual. Included in the tar files are the "raw" data, together with products that are produced by the data reduction pipline during processing. Please read the README file for details on the content of the tar files.

Due to restrictions in the way in which the ftp protocol can be used with the current generation of internet browsers, it is recommended to download the virtual image using a standalone FTP tool such as Filezilla (

Host = ssh.esac.esa.intusername = cheops_fc

The password is given at this link (accessible only after you sign in to the CHEOPS GO Programme).

Note that the connection requires the non-secure ftp protocol to be used, the explicit sftp protocol will not work. As a result, you might see the message "insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS", which you can ignore this.

Once in the filespace, change directory to Simulated_data (cd Simulated_data).


Questions about CHEOPS or the GO Programme? Please email cheops-support at and we will be happy to help!
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