AO-1 Updates

Details of any updates to AO-1 documentation/tools that are required during the period that the AO is open will be made on this website.


  • 24 April 2019: The CHEOPS attitude and control system has been designed to track objects moving at sidereal rates. As such, proposals to observe solar system objects moving at non-sidereal rates will not be accepted for AO-1. A dedicated campaign to estabilsh the capabilities of CHEOPS for observations of moving targets/solar system objects will be undertaken during the first year after launch. The results, together with any updates on the possibility to submit moving target proposals, will be communicated to the Community shortly after the campaign and analysis has been completed.


  • 29 April 2019: A mistake has been spotted in the readme file associated with the CHEOPS sky visibility data/maps. The updated file can be found here and also under the Useful data/information section on the AO-1 webpage.


Last update: 29 April 2019