AO-3 Updates

Details of any updates to AO-3 documentation/tools that are required during the period that the AO is open will be given on this webpage.


​​​​1. Reserved Target List

TOI 1778b was erroneously omitted from the csv file containing the reserved target list. It is included in the online version of the RTL which is to be used to provide pdf evidence that a target is not reserved as needed for proposal submission. The target details are provided below:

TOI1778b, 136.777644, 48.67243


2. Viewing possible visits to the very end of the nominal mission

To be able to view valid visits to the very end of the nominal mission using the Scheduling Feasibility Checker it is necessary to modify the Validity_Stop date in the files used to specify an observation request to UTC=2023-09-25T00:00:00. This is necessary for both time-critical and non-time critcal observations.


3. Reserved Target List

Note on Alpha Cen A/B: Alpha Cen A and Alpha Cen B are part of the GTO reserved target list. Although they correctly appear as “reserved” when a query is made in the Reserved Target List Checker using "Alpha Cen A" or "Alpha Cen B", a query with “Alpha Cen” without specifying A or B returns a free line of sight. This is because the coordinates returned by the Simbad query “Alpha Cen” (without specifying A or B) appear to be ~80 arcsec away from the A+B pair, which themselves are separated from each other by only ~15 arcsec.


Lastest update: 9 March 2022