Approved proposals for the discretionary Programme (DP)

Up to 5% of the observing time on CHEOPS may be taken up by the Discretionary Programme (DP). Proposals can be submitted at any time. All details and criteria can be found at this link.

Proposal ID

Surname of PI [Country]

Title of Proposal                                    

 # Orbits

001 (EP) Jenkins  (CL)


Constraining the scattering propoerties of condensates in the ultrahot neptune, LTT 9779b



005 (EP)


Kostov (US)


Solving the orbital ambiguitiy of a new transiting circumbinary planet TIC 172900988b



007 (EP) Heidari (FR)


Observing the second HD88986b transit event: a temperate sub-Neptunre characterised by TESS and SOPHIE

008 (EP) Edwards (FR) Catching the Transit of a Long Period Planet to Support Future Atmospheric Characterisation 14
010 (EP) Akinsanmi (CH) Resolving the dynamical history of the hot Jupiter WASP-132b and its inner mini-Neptune companion 18
014 (EP) Scarsdale (US) Period measurement of the brightest-host transiting habitable zone terrestrial exoplanet 40
015 (EP) Mortier (UK) The coolest small planet: Catching the transit of a small planet orbiting an M dwarf with P>100d and a precise mass from HARPS-N 78.35
    Total number of orbits awarded since the start of the CHEOPS mission 294.05

Key to table: EP - Exoplanet Science; SP – Stellar Physics; Other – Other topics.


Last updated: 09 December 2022