Community tools

This webpage lists a selection of tools developed by members of the CHEOPS Science Team, CHEOPS Consortium, and the community. These tools are not maintained by ESA and shared for use at your own risk, with caveats and warnings detailed in the respective documentation.

  • pycheops - an open source Python package for the analysis of CHEOPS light curves, developed by Pierre Maxted and the CHEOPS Science Team (see documentation).
  • linea - an open source, open development Python package for fast, linear detrending of CHEOPS photometry, developed by Brett Morris (see documentation).
  • PIPE - a photometric extraction package for CHEOPS complementing the official Data Reduction Pipeline (DRP), developed by Alexis Brandeker. In contrast to the DRP, which uses aperture photometry on the 200-pixel diamater subarrays, PIPE uses PSF photometry on the 60-pixel diameter imagettes, which are often taken at a higher cadence than the subarrays.


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This website was last updated on 26 February 2024.