Submission: Phase 2


PIs of accepted proposals can proceed with Phase 2 where they provide the detailed information required to schedule observations. For this, you can access the Proposal Handling Tool for Phase 2 (PHT2) and draft your observation requestions (ORs). Target information (including coordinates) together with the time awarded and target priority will be sent by ESA to the Science Operations Centre (SOC) and prefilled in the PHT2 system. This information will be based on your proposal inputs together with details of the awarded observing time and priority, and cannot be changed by you. Access to the tool will require user credentials, which the SOC will provide to the proposal PI (edit access) and the second contact listed in the intial proposal (view access). An overview of how to use the PHT2 interface and prepare your ORs is available in the CHEOPS Observers Manual (Section 1.4), in the tool itself, and in the SOC's latest user guidelines given here:



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