Is CHEOPS for you?

We have prepared two preesentations to give you first a taster, and then a more depth overview of what the CHEOPS is and what the mission has to offer. You will get an overview of the technical capabilities of CHEOPS (science, sky visibility, performances) and learn how you can apply for CHEOPS observing time. For newcomers, we recommend reviewing the presentations in order:

  1. CHEOPS in brief - a 15-slide presentation designed to give a very top-level view of CHEOPS science goals and capabiltiies, with links to tools, additional documents and relevant websites/webpages.
  2. CHEOPS in a nutshell -  a more in-depth presentation with details on the mission, its science and its capabilities, together with information on the process for requesting CHEOPS observing time and the tools available to help with proposal preparation.
  3. CHEOPS Observers Manual - the full, in-depth coverage of the mission and all observing guidelines.
  4. CHEOPS Publications - for the expert reader


Questions about CHEOPS or the GO Programme? Please email cheops-support at and we will be happy to help!
Last updated 30 Mar 2023